Ridley’s room 👦

Okay so I spent a lot of time trying to find a storage solution for under Ridley’s cot which wouldn’t break the bank AND that I could re-use after for something, trying to make sure I get my use out of my purchases. The boys cot is from Mothercare and it didn’t come with an undercot drawer like some come with and have you ever tried to buy the drawer alone it can be really expensive and I suppose buying one that isn’t from the same store as your cot can be a risk it won’t fit or roll properly ….

We did buy an under bed storage box from Ikea for like £7 it fitted but it wasn’t practical for everyday use as it was hard to get it under the cot, it fits under Rue’s bed 👌

I then saw these ‘right up my street’ crates on Instagram, the home of all my previous purchases 😉 the crates are from Hema which I discovered from Instagram and I think it’s very similar to Tiger Tiger/ FlyingTiger, one of my favourite shops. These were a steal at £7 each, available in a range of colours and sizes. The crates stack so my idea is after our cot days we can re-use these for toys/ book/ clothes in a stacking format.

Hema also do free delivery via DHL when you spend £20 or more, I brought three crates and a few decorations for cheap for birthdays and future occasions, their balloons and paper ball decorations are really good priced!

I’m so chuffed with them I had to dedicate a post specifically to them, sometimes I’m really easy to please, the small things make me happy – although I could probably do with another crate 😏



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