Ridley is t w o ✨

a month later but

Ridley is T W O ;( someone please tell me how this is possible. It’s been the quickest two years of my life and I could not ever imagine how much I’d love our second child, since day one he’s been attached me to and it’s everything I needed. Rue has always been attached to WM.

We didn’t have any special plans as this time of year you can’t call the weather and so we took the kids out in the morning for a walk and then WM baked a cake, we had takeaway for tea and played with the birthday boys presents which I thought I’d share what we got – we in no way went crazy, I think we spent like £40 including decorations and cake mixture, we also gave Ridley Rues balance bike but he wasn’t interested at all so there’s no photo of it 😉 he hasn’t put the horse down since he opened the tub of animals 🐎



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