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Welcome to my first edition of baby eats 👶🏼 I thought I’d split Baby & toddler eats out as to me it’s two totally different subjects! So Ridley is seven months next week (……) and I started weaning him at five months old. This might seem to early to some people & that’s okay I found with both boys they let me know when milk wasn’t quite enough for them.

So I started Ridley off slowly, my plan was to go full steam for Baby led weaning, something that was around when Rue was little but I didn’t really get it so Rue wasn’t Baby led. Ridley hasn’t taken to Baby led at all like not even close, like me when I was his age, he gags a lot, sometimes even when he has a bottle! So I abandoned my plan of Baby led weaning and started full steam ahead on purée led.

So let’s start with breakfast, Ridley currently has baby cereal in pure banana flavour one that you mix with water, I found he didn’t take well to the one mixed with milk – total opposite of Rue! So he has the same cereal everyday sometimes I’ll add a little fruit purée into it to give it bit of a different flavour for him, I’m just about to try weetabix to add a bit of variation into his breakfast times.

I tried purees/ homemade all sorts with Rue but he would not eat it, so we spent an awful lot of money on Ella’s Kitchen products (which I have nothing against but when your spending £30+ just on pouches it’s a bit like :|) so i wanted to fully try & make everything for Ridley if he’d allow & he’s been absolutely fab!!! So I’m going to share some purees I’ve been making him for the last month probably.

  1. Blueberry & banana – a favourite of Ridleys plus it’s quite a thick constituency which helps as sometimes the runny purees are hard to feed
  2. Red lentil & carrot
  3. Spinach, banana & avocado
  4. Avocado & pear
  5. Carrot & banana – sounds gross but he loves it & again it’s a thicker puree
  6. Pear, blueberry & banana
  7. Mango, apple & banana
  8. Raspberry & banana
  9. Sweet potato & carrot

All of these I’ve blended in my nutri bullet, I have a normal one not the Baby style one & it’s blended all of these with ease!

So easy to cook & so good for Baby! What I’ve listed is all I put in the purees & sometimes just a little dash of water & that is it! Such a good feeling knowing exactly what your baby is eating. I tend to make two or three portions & then freeze them in pots, I’ve got these pots HERE but I am tempted by this freezable tray HERE.

Ridley will also has a selective of yogurts after some meals mainly fromage frais or Greek yogurt with mashed banana or raspberrys. I’ll always offer cut up fruit after lunch & tea time ( banana, strawberry & blueberry mainly) but hardly any of it goes in his mouth which is so bizarre as e v e r y t h i n g goes in his mouth but when I try food he does a complete 360 & none of it goes anywhere near his mouth unless I do it, he tends to pick it up & then squash it in his hand ….

Daily feeds
8am: 2oz water with banana porridge & blueberry compote
12pm: avocado & pear purée with some fruit
5pm: carrot & banana purée, fromage frais & more fruit
I try every day to encourage self feeding but I’m really not pushing it on him, he’s taken so well to his purees & is eating them no problem that I’m just letting him show me when he’s ready & you know what I’m sure that time will come before I know it!
Hope you found this first rambley post interesting, I’ll do some more Baby eats posts as we add in more variety, which I’ll start to think about at seven & half months I think.
Ridleys high & low chair is from Mamas & Papas, here
Nutri Bullet, here

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