Ridley E A T S ii

welcome to part ii of my baby eats section – not much has changed since my last post as Ridley is still gagging a fair bit some we’re still on purees over here 🙋 and recently has been tougher as babs has been poorly and had such a bad chest that coughing made him sick so trying to keep anything down was difficult! so i didn’t even attempt finger foods or too many lumps as didn’t want to risk it.


  • oats soaked in formula, avocado and banana
  • oats soaked in formula, banana and blueberries
  • porridge topped with mashed pear
  • wholegrain breakfast with blueberry pureed


  • peaches, banana and baby rice puree
  • runner beans, apple and kale puree (all cooked first)
  • butternutsquash & apple puree (all cooked first)
  • banana, plum and blueberry puree
  • kale, apple, kiwi and banana puree


  • carrot, potato and banana puree
  • carrot, sweet potato, banana and chickpea puree
  • broccoli, cauliflower and cheese puree
  • pea, carrot, chickpea and pea puree

i’ve been stocking up on new ingredients to try and make some new puree/half puree meals including baby pasta shapes, brown rice, coconut milk, bulgar wheat to make porridge, i’m also keen to make my own porridge as currently using baby specific packet mix and i’d like to cut out all the extras they use 😶

i thought i’d also start sharing any food accounts i follow on instagram, split by baby/toddler specific and i’ll share some adult ones once i get round to doing some more of ‘what we’ve been eating lately posts’.

so my favourite account at the moment is mimi’s bowl – who i’ve been following for a couple of months now and not only are Miriam’s recipes amazing & ones i’d never think of but also how photography really brings the food to life! i’d even use some of her recipes for us as a family and not just baby/ toddler specific, the other day she shared how to make your own baked beans to help cut out any nasties such as salt and sugar and i was loving her idea so much i shared it straight away with a girlfriend who i knew would be as excited as me! you can check her profile out HERE.


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