Ridley ♡

So your nearly two weeks old and mama thought it was time to get the tripod out and attempt to take some photos, big brother is at nursery today so its just the three of us which makes tripod usage a fair bit easier 😉

Today is also the first time I’ve really worn jeans admittedly not for long because i had to shove some padding into them to stop the hem rubbing on my stitches 🙁 but it felt so good to wear something other than sweats! Still no make up though so I might look a bit ghost like in the photos but two weeks in know-ones wearing make up daily by this point are they or just me that isn’t?

My little boy – how are you here already and how are you two weeks earth side, I don’t understand. I sometimes still expect you to kick me from the inside but your not and then I panic. Our pregnancy journey seems to have shoot by and I can’t keep up with the pace that life is whizzing by at. I keep looking at you big brother and thinking surely he can’t be ours ‘he’s so big’ – everything looks so much bigger on him since Ridley arrived!

anyway heres some photos of mama, papa and Ridley from the other day – papa was loving the mini photoshoot which was super sweet!

the second photo down where papas eyes are looking at me and the self timer caught it is just perfect! I think my favourite is the one where we’re both kissing Ridley at the same time ♥

if you follow me on insta you will see that we also did some more photos the very next day with Rue in them so we have the best of both, our lovely friend kindly took some beautiful snaps of the four of us – even if Rue wouldn’t part with his screwdriver 😉


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