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Today I’m sharing the next part in my product review area and todays item is our beloved buggy board 😍

So it can be a really tough decision to know whether to purchase a double buggy or to opt for a single buggy with extras, we decided to go for the second option mainly because of Rues age & the fact that as soon as he was walking it was pretty impossible to keep him in a buggy for long without a meltdown occurring, but also the space of a double buggy I’m not sure where we would have kept it in our smaller house, we kept the single buggy in the lounge at all times which isn’t ideal as dirty wheels on our carpet but you know you do what you gotta do.

We spent a while researching buggy boards as we wanted to make sure we picked the right one and it would work for us all, I found that its not a saturated market compared to buying a buggy which can just be an overload as a first time parent and an expensive overload too. We stumbled across the ‘Lascal maxi buggy board’ which we picked up from John Lewis whilst on offer (you know I’m smiling right now about that bit) and we’ve been so impressed with it! Its compact, light, easy to store, quick & easy to attach – its all-around making our life easier.

WM is using it every day at the moment when he’s taking Rue to and from school, its so handy for him to be able to keep Rue close as school time can be quite chaotic with children running everywhere and whilst its all so new to us all I really like the fact Rue is kept close to papa.

It works really well with Ridley in the buggy too, so Ridley is in the pushchair attachment of his buggy and facing us pushing him, so its really lovely that the first person he faces is Rue and they have little chats & make each other laugh. I did find it a little bit difficult when Ridley was in the carrycot as sometimes Rue would fall forward and nearly end up in the carrycot but maybe that’s because of our buggy, there’s limited space for Rue to hold on whilst being pushed.

The installation process is so easy and once the little clips are attached you leave them on permanently and just click the buggy board in and out when you need to, it also has a little clip with a piece of string almost (its fancier than string) that means if your toddler doesn’t want to use the board for a bit you can lift the board off the ground but attaching it to your handlebar, the purpose of this is to make it easier for you to walk and not kick the board, or so I believe it is.

That’s the one thing we’ve struggled with in the beginning is the space between your toddler and handlebars for pushing and the buggy board and your feet for walking, you have to get into a flow with it so that you’re not kicking it each time you take a step, maybe it’s just us but I think not as we’ve both struggled with it at times. Also a really handy point to note is I’d recommend using it with a buggy where the handlebar extends really long as this is technically the space your child will stand in whilst on  the board.

One other thing to note is the brand we brought from I think they do two different sizes of board, a mini and a maxi, ours is the maxi and I’m not sure we would have be able to use the mini, my advice would be to try it before you buy as it might vary by buggy and how you push your buggy.

  1. Lascal Maxi buggy board, HERE
  2. Lascal Mini buggy board, HERE
  3. Rascal seat attachment, HERE              (I’ve not seen this until now & its looks fab!!)



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