returning to work ….

so i spent last Tuesday going back into the work environment, gosh it was weird being back at a desk in an office, can you believe i’m due to go back already? hasn’t Ridleys baby months just flown by – does anyone actually really remember him being little little, he’s just so chunky now!

my official return to work date is the 8th January 2018 and boy oh boy am i going back to a tough call, not only has my team merged with another team (this happened just before i left) but also over half of the team are all new so theres not as many familiar faces unfortunately, although across the whole building theres a whole new load of new faces.

i’m not overly sure how i feel about going back i mean theres always internal politics so that can make things difficult but i just have to remember why i’m there and that in time i’m hoping to branch out and increase my knowledge by learning some new skills.

it was nice to get dressed up and wear perfume, gosh i’ve hardly wore perfume at all since Ridley was born, i think the smell is too strong for little babs and mine is quite a strong one! and use a handbag, it was still packed in one of the many boxes but i found it just in time! felt weird not having a baby, toddler, buggy, rucksack in my hands!

what i’m wearing:

my dress is old from New Look, old

doc martens, HERE

cocoon coat, similar HERE

handbag, similar HERE


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