R u e s C h r i s t m a s g i f t s ⛄

Rue was so lucky with all his lovely Christmas presents this year, so lucky. I wouldn’t say he was spoilt, he didn’t wake up to a room full of presents or sacks and sacks under the tree as this just a way we believe in, luckily our family completed respected our request of ‘no toys please’ apart from my mama who didn’t so much 😉 the reason we asked for no toys is for a few reasons – 1. Rues attention span isn’t very long at the moment so it’d take a hundred toys to keep him occupied all day 2. because he has an IKEA chest full of toys already 3. we’re trying to declutter before baba arrives 4. we don’t really believe in the present hype that Christmas brings

I’ve done a flatlay of some of his presents to share with you:

  1. Starter wooden train track from Sainsburys that I picked up half price (£10 down to £5), this present has gone down a treat 🙂 the good thing with this version is that it can be used on all different makes of wooden train set providers.
  2. Travel potty – this is something I particularly asked for as i thought it would come in super handy next year when its summer and we’re out and about. The design of this also means a lot as ladybirds were my Juneys favourite!
  3. Crayola play mat – I’ve been thinking lately of ideas of how I can keep Rue entertained whilst I tend to baba and this seemed perfect, he loves drawing and it’s mess free, the pens only work on the mat hurray!
  4. Batman pjs – Rue is obsessed with pretending to be Batman flying around the room in papa’s arms, it’s very sweet to watch
  5. Books, so many books, we might open up a kids book room if we had space!
  6. Micro scooter, originally I was going to buy him a Little Tikes one but a friend at work offered us her son’s unused scooter which we jumped at the opportunity, it seemed ideal as you never really know if little ones will take to what you buy them.
  7. Twirly woos DVD – Rue loves the Twirly woos but it’s hardly ever on and the YouTube videos are all rubbish so a DVD seemed perfect
  8. Peppa pig Etch a Sketch – this one was a surprise and it was like it was meant to be as the previous week Rue had taken to using the one at nursery and loved it 🙂
  9. money & more money for his ISA, we’ve been saving away for babs since he was first born and it all goes into an ISA that can’t be touched until his eighteen, so important I believe.

We’re off to make homemade thank you cards now to say thank you to everyone whose got our little boy something for Christmas, we really appreciate it all! ♥


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