R I D L E Y is o n e

And just like that Ridleys first birthday has come and gone ;( and I’m genuinely sad its over already, the first birthday is such a special occasion to celebrate and I just want to keep celebrating it! I’ve already agreed with WM that when it’s a nice sunny day we’ll take the boys out and celebrate again with good weather (the weather wasn’t great on Saturday and it made it hard to know what to do as it’s a bit harder to wing it nowadays) so I have visions of a sunny day, kite flying up on the hill with a massive one balloon with my camera on the tripod – hopefully it won’t be too long until we can make that happen!

(its on our list to paint that dirty garage wall this year!)

I’ve been gathering supplies for months but yet his big day crept up on us and I felt so unprepared – I’m sure this happens to a lot of people right?! Ridley woke up in the happiest mood and was just a pure joy all day! We decided not to go far and spent the day in Lacock, we stopped for a coffee lunch and pottered around some more and then we came home, Rue wasn’t the best behaved boy when we was out (he’s been playing up a lot lately when we go out, he likes to run off, not cool man not cool) so unfortunately I had people looking at me as either I was telling him off or he was running into them, it wasn’t the pleasantest time. He then draw on our white furniture when we got in which he’s never done before, I ‘m not sure why he was playing up so much as it wasn’t obvious it was Ridley’s birthday as we didn’t do his presents until late afternoon.

We continued celebrating over the weekend and Sunday was a much better day all-round! My mum & aunty brought Ridley a teepee for his birthday which we’ve put up in Rues massive room and the boys were loving playing in it, it’s absolutely perfect for the space and I’m sure their have a lot of fun playing in it. WM made Ridley’s cake on Sunday and we sung to him in the afternoon and took so many photos and videos 🙂 he mainly loves the balloons and the spoon that came with his Peter Rabbit dinner set.

I was really chuffed that he received so many beautiful books for his birthday:

  1. The tiger that came to tea
  2. Jane Fosters 1, 2, 3
  3. Rabbits Nap
  4. Where’s Mr Lion

and I’ve wrote a post on what we’ve brought him HERE.

I cried a little over the weekend, who doesn’t right! Mainly because I just wanted the weekend to be so special for him as he gets all the leftovers/ second best options all the time that I really wanted today to be all about him, it didn’t really happen. Which is why I’ve decided we’ll have another day to celebrate for him when its sunny, it makes all the difference in what you can do! So my baby happy first birthday – you are incredibly special to us and we love you oh my gosh so much!

A couple of thank yous – to WM for comforting me when I was upset about nothing, to my mum for buying balloons (like I said it crept up on us & we hadn’t got any, I did try to make a balloon arch but it kinda failed), to Jade & Amelie for sending us the cutest little video, to my family for the amount of cakes we received for Ridley! to Gowar for the most beautiful wonderful first birthday presents that I’ll always treasure and for getting to see you and Jacks face on his day was perfect, we love you guys so much!

Just to think how much you’ll change in this next year, it’s a big year of change and it’s scary to think about!

Love you Ridley, always!


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