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So here we are five weeks nearly six weeks into postpartum and I thought I’d share my recovery and how it’s been, not quite sure how this’ll go so bare with me 😉

If you’ve read our birth story you’ll know how lovely it was, I’m not sure if I mentioned in there the small issue they had with getting baba out of my previous incision. They struggled to ‘push’ Ridleys head through my existing incision, which is surprising as Rue was born at 42 weeks weighing 7’13 & Ridley was born at 39 weeks weighing 7’5 so if they managed to get Rue out I’m not sure why they struggled with Ridley but they did and the surgeon pretty much got on top of me & pushed a lot to get Ridley out, they was an awful lot of pushing & what felt like whacking to get him out. Because of this I was bruised, may as well say black and blue down there. They wasn’t sure if I had a hermatoma or if it was bruising they said it was bruising in the end. I didn’t get to see the extent of the bruising until day six when they took my bandage off. Because of the force used I did struggle with the pain after the surgery this time, last time I don’t remember any uncomfortable pain & recovered well physically. I’m amazed by our human bodies as by day ten most of the black bruising had gone, my tummy was also that orange/ off yellow colour and that also had mostly gone. I’m still left with some slight light purple bruising at the moment but nothing in comparison.

I was discharged from midwife care I think ten days after Ridley was born and this was the most amazing feeling e v e r! As the midwife left she said ‘this is the last time you’ll see a midwife’ oh the feeling felt so good! Whilst I love being pregnant I don’t do well post birth so her saying this made me feel good & like I’ve done this and I’ve survived and now I’m done, hear that papa I’m done 🙂 for the five week period I’ve taken two tablets in the morning and two before bed to help with any discomfort, with Rue I took two tablets every two hours for weeks, maybe that’s why I didn’t fell as much discomfort but sod getting up in the night 😉

Your body goes through huge changes after having a baby and surgery and my mind has wondered in those early AM feeds and I’ve diagnosed myself with the following with the help of google (fuck you google) diabetes, hernia, DVT and septicemia. Crazy I know but i can’t be the only person who feels or thinks they have a symptom and google it and then diagnose themselves or person whose mind wanders and then before you know it your dying, not just me right? My mum come round one Sunday and I turn to her and say ‘mum I think I’ve got diabetes I have like all the symptoms’ she looks at me & I can tell straight away from her look that I don’t have it, sometimes you just need some reassurance right. I think when you believe something and it’s all that’s on your mind you start to imagine symptoms and yep that’s what I’ve been doing sometimes. Later that day I spilled out what was in my head to WM who looked at me lost for words as I didn’t come up for air for a few minutes whilst I got it all off my chest & he was like wow that’s a lot going on in your head, I said surely you have something going around in your head, his reply was ‘nope it’s empty’ …… WTF no woman’s head is ever empty right?! Oh to be a man 🙂

Onto diet so I’m definitely not a dieter and never will be, I’m a vegetarian so generally eat quite well & we don’t tend to eat processed food too much. Whilst being at home and recovering I’ve snacked on what I want when I want and not thought twice about it, to me recovery is far more important. When I get to two months postpartum I’ll start doing daily walks like I used to with Rue, I loved this time & there’s nothing better than fresh air & walking for the mind and soul. But other then that I don’t plan on doing any exercise / I don’t really have time with two babs & a husband who I constantly chase round after. I don’t feel I gained a lot of weight with either of my boys and remained in the same sized clothes throughout my pregnancy, I tend to be a size eight on top and a twelve on the bottom, I have a much bigger behind compared to my tiny waist 😉 I’m currently in one size bigger than my normal size whilst I still have some swelling and also I’m more comfortable in a bigger size, mum brought me some high waisted elasticated jeans and these are amazing! I’m in no rush to get back to my pre size as it’ll happen in time I’m just pleased to have a pair of jeans I’m comfortable in, I was moaning to Gowar how much I was struggling to find some clothes I was comfortable in & I’ve found some yay!

Following on from the above I thought I’d share our meals for the week so you can see the kind of stuff we/ I eat, throughout my pregnancy I hardly ever finished a meal, I’m not sure if that was because I didn’t have room or if it’s because WM’s portions are pretty big 😉 he’ll always finish off anything left on mine and Rues plate ha!

This week we have the following:

  • vegetable pizza
  • Omelette and salad
  • Jersey royals and mozzarella quiche
  • Tin of Heinz chilli & rice (the cheapest meal at £1.39 per person & it’s so filling)
  • Quorn burgers & chips
  • Faijita mix & salad
  • stuffed pasta shells (I got this from Pinterest, link here)
 (This might seem unhealthy to some but we’re still adjusting to life as family of four & trying to juggle that with dinner time, we can’t eat late in the evening it doesn’t work for us 🙁 )
What I’ve struggled with the most this time is having to distance myself from Rue & drop some of my motherly duties for him, I’ve cried a lot over this (well like five times) and it’s been really really tough! Knowone warned me about this & I guess in someways it helped as I was completely obvious which I think was the best way as I just had to get on with it as the moments hit me. Not being able to pick him up/ take him to school/ put him to bed/ bath him has been so so tough plus its tough on him as he doesn’t understand and always sees me with Ridley it must be upsetting for him, but he’s handling it like such a babe! I can’t wait to put him to bed and watch Peppa Pig whilst he holds my thumb, the tiny little things in life make you happy when your a mama I swear ♥ papa and I have already discussed little things we can do when I can drive, papa has spent sooo much time with Rue and hardly seen Ridley that we spoke about Rue and I having little dates over the next few weeks and then papa can see babs. The reason why I decided to take a full on step back from Rue was purely just for recovery reasons, last time with Rue I didn’t have anything to get back into if you like but this time I have all my boys that count on me so much therefore I couldn’t afford any set backs and for me personally I really wanted to rest up and over rest where possible to ensure a speedy recover, I was super lucky that papa had a month off with me and then my mama had six days with me to help out (its little things like trying to take a wee when you have two of them plus your toilet is upstairs but your toddler doesn’t want to cooperate and you can’t carry him, it can make it hard).
I’ve taken some snaps of my recovery mainly for myself so I can see how well i’m doing and check everything looks like it should do 🙂 i’m always going to have my mama tum but you know what i’m okay with that, i’ve kinda birthed two babs and not gained one single stretch mark so a tummy roll is nothing right 😉 I do wish my thighs were smaller though I am quite conscious of them.
one week
two weeks
four weeks
five weeks
I can’t believe this little guy was on the inside just a mere five weeks ago, isn’t life just incredible!

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