a quiet weekend ♥

i wanted to write a post about the lovely weekend we’ve just had, we had no specific plans other than to ‘try’ and buy some plants for the front of our house, we’ve been trying for a couple of weeks now so it wasn’t the end of the world if we didn’t manage yet again. By the time the weekend arrives i’m pretty exhausted and i have three people to look after/ chase after/ pick up after so its fair to say the weekends can come with a bag of bickering but this weekend there wasn’t any! 😉

Saturday morning we headed to Dobbies near Cirencester, WM loves a garden centre and i tried to take him here as a surprise the other weekend for Fathers Day (the Saturday) but i got lost, don’t ask me how, well we both got lost as i told him where we were going in an attempt to save the journey but it didn’t help. So this time armed with our sat nav we made it ha! Rue loves a garden centre too just like his papa, we picked up some lovely French Pink Lavender and is just beautiful. We stopped and had a cake in the cafe, Rue had a packed lunch to keep costs down 😉 and then we quickly looked around the sale area and picked up Rue’s new Hunters ♥

the big boys went to the allotment late afternoon whilst babs and i stayed at home, they came back with the biggest bag of salad/ radish/ broad beans/ rocket – so for dinner Saturday night we had pizza and homegrown salad it was so so delicious!

Sunday morning arrived, Ridley slept in till 6:30am praise the lord, most mornings he wakes up between 5am and 530am and i normally manage to get him back to sleep but i nearly always wake him at 6/630 as during the week i have to get Rue to nursery. We decided to stay in on Sunday as we’re trying to potty train Rue and we’re doing it gradually as he’s had so much change lately and he has so many days at home and then at nursery, he’s not ready for big boy pants at nursery yet but he’s doing so well at home (few accidents obviously!) it was a lovely day at home, sometimes i find these can be the hardest as Rue is just bouncing off the walls and causing chaos and whilst he was still doing this it was manageable! i got WM to do some little jobs that he just doesn’t normally get time to do and he made a start on the garden! we sat down the other night and discussed our plans for the garden as its become very crowded with trees and plants, so WM pulled up some of the hedge and he’s preparing it ready for us to lay some lawn to put the boys swing there instead of on the slabbed area.

as we was at home so much we took lots of spur of the moment photos which are just beautiful, Ridley is certainly chunking up 😉 probably the seven feeds a day he’s having!

from earlier in the week:


WM made a joke about Ridley’s face in the above photo, bless him!



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