pumpkins pumpkins pumpkins 🎃

I’ve always wanted to go pumpkin picking, even more so since having Rue I think it’s such a lovely tradition to start with little ones, this year I finally got myself in order and did some research on where to go, I had a list of possible places to check out and then one of the nursery mums suggested we try Millets Farm, I hadn’t been here since I was little so it sounded perfect to check it out again. We was so impressed by how much is there and definitely think we’ll be going back in summer when the weather is nicer, doesn’t having nice weather make all the difference! If you haven’t been and you fancy trying it out I definitely recommend it, you just pay for the size pumpkin you have which come in small, medium and large and sell for a couple of quid. Rue loved it which was lovely as he was more than happy walking around touching all the different pumpkins ♥


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