Plant pots come at me 🌱

Lately you guys have been loving my new plant pots I’ve added to our collection and whilst I can’t keep adding a new plant pot each week (I mean I could just couldn’t also 😉)

so here’s some of the best places to find some of the best pots

1. Monki (or via asos which is where I always find them)

I admit I’ve only got two from Monki one small and one larger, but my gosh the larger one that came last week is incredible! I think there might have a been a tiger version before but if so I missed it. I could totally have made that up!

2. Oliver bonas

who doesn’t love Oliver bonas? I’m just not a fan of delivery costs, I think there’s is £4 so not a lot but I hate delivery costs. I saw this one on their website and it called me, this is the large one at £12 I think there’s a smaller one in black for £10. There also have some beautiful pots I’m just tight! I did put the hanging sea grass rope one in my basket at £8 but changed my mind 😉

3. Ikea

does amazing pots at amazing prices, some are such good price you can’t leave without them and then a little plant to go in them too 😉

4. Sainsbury’s home

have some amazing pots, I think this is my first one and mainly because ma brought it for me. Again I’m tight to spend over £10 on a pot. They have a pot I like but it’s £24 🤷‍♀️ it looks like they’ve got a whole new plant pot range in store – I picked this one up last week

other places to check out

Marks and Spencer – I’ll very often buy a smaller plant in a beautiful pot as their normally £6 and I love some of the pots. My fav below 🙂

tkmaxx – sometimes in the reduced area you’ll find some quirky pieces. This blue pot is for utensils but we’ve used it for cactuses 🌵

Morrison’s – have a great selection of plants in pots, including this guy! I never go to Morrison’s but I went one day saw him had wm’s card and brought him 😉 since asked ma to keep an eye out for more! These pots on Etsy are not I repeat not cheap this guy was a fiver!




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