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because hey you can never take to many photos right? and in WM’s case hundreds as he just holds the button down on my iPhone camera 😐 i’m trying to teach him to line the shot up and to look around the focus to see what might need removing from the photo, work in progress.

anyway Sunday was the lovely Jades baby shower eek! So it gave this mama a chance to wear something half decent and also to use a handbag, first time in four months and to wear some new perfume i got ♥

Jade looked a b s o l u t e l y amazing! just glowing – you would never know she’s having a massive extension built at the moment and has been without a kitchen for some time, i mean you take everything in your stride and your just wow!

if anyone is set to be a mummy its you – you are the most natural/ easy going/ interested person i know when it comes to babs, you just have this natural flow and it works, honestly i’m crap with other peoples kids, like awful, you every bab loves you! can’t wait to meet little miss & to watch you guys enter into the most exciting journey!!


both babes were sleeping before i left so i grabbed WM to take some photos of me, i mean he did really well considering we hardly get any peace and then when we do i have him taking photos of me in different styles and he never moans 🙂


plus i totally stole his t-shirt to, it was quite a hot day and as my skirt was quite fitted (was definitely to tight!) i wanted something oversized, so his t-shirt was fab! we both love these £2 t-shirts from Primark their amazing! my skirt i picked up from Marks & Spencer Collection range last year just before i fell pregnant so i’ve only worn it twice, it was a steal at £10!






look how big my boy is 🙁 so big!! love the top photo of all my boys ♥ and yes thats an old IKEA pillowcase up at the shed window 😉

Happy new week everyone



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  1. Jade
    July 13, 2017 / 8:34 pm

    You babe 😍 Love you xxx

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