I’m back – it’s been a while again. We have builders in the house at the moment and its turnt everything upside down and I’m struggling to cope with it. I can’t even tell you why but its set off my anxiety radar because everything looks and feels so not me. It’s weird as when we moved in it was hell, there was stuff everywhere for months, WM and I have been sleeping on the mattress on the floor for over a year, we’ve had so many different sleeping arrangements for so long  it has been hell of a year but the last few months its felt settled and we’ve or maybe I’ve gone into building work completely unprepared for the chaos it brings. The dust, the noise, the smell, the time everything takes (I like things done quickly 😉 ), the fact I have to cram everything into tiny free spaces as three of our rooms are out of action. I’m not sure what I’m trying to say but basically it’s been tough on my mind, which I never thought it would be. WM has breezed through as always, nap times have been a bit of a nuisance but apart from that he’s breezed.


But this post I’m writing is about which devices WM and I use to take photos and which apps we use to edit them, I get quite a lot of comments and messages on which editing software I use so I thought I’d share with some before and after photos.

1. Most of the time I use an app called ‘Snap seed’ which is where I brighten my photos and also ‘heal’ them so if there’s something in the photo I don’t want I’ll heal it out.

 To create a photo with other photos in it I use ‘Magic Eraser’ which is where I remove all of the image I don’t want to keep and then I use PicMix to merge this new image with an existing image

3. Blur Photo I use sometimes to blur backgrounds to focus on the people in it, I mainly do this when I’m doing a black and white photo.

4. I use ‘Unfold’ to create some of my stories which allow a visually appealing set of options to be able to have a background, a photo or video and a paragraph.

5.  I use ‘shared albums’ to move my camera photos to my iPhone especially now I’ve changed camera, I can’t get my DSLR photos onto my phone any other way. I used to have a digital camera so I could connect my camera to my phone to take photos which was fab and then once taken these photos would be stored on both my phone and camera.

6.  I used to use ‘Insta Size’ to create the white bored affect around my photo, I did this for years but in the last six months I’ve gone over to the square photo so hardly use this app anymore.


1.  I mainly use Instagram as I’ve created my own filter theme/s that I tend to go with, sometimes my main filter doesn’t work with the image so I use a backup.

2.   I’ve used VSCO before but I don’t find it that great, just personal preference. Plus it’s an adding in another step before uploading to Instagram

3.   For editing on my iMac I haven’t got any fancy software, that might follow one day but right now I just don’t have time. I used iPhoto to edit any of my photos and find it works for what I’m looking for right now.


1.  I have an iPhone 8 plus

2. WM has a Huawei p20 pro  – which is where most of the photos come from that you guys love! The reviews of this phone are unreal plus WM didn’t have to pay for the phone or pay a ridiculous tariff like I am for an iPhone ….

3.  I used to have a Sony A5000  but I’ve just sold it as I wasn’t loving it and I need to love a camera otherwise I get really annoyed!

4.  I’ve brought us a second hand Nikon DSLR D3100 camera with an 18-55mm lenses AND a 70-300mm lenses. The reason I chose this camera as this was my first DSLR so I knew I loved it, the reason I sold it was a toddler, baby, bag and a DSLR wasn’t practical. So I’ve rebought one with the money I got for my Sony well actually I was 9p short 😉 and I’m super excited to go out shooting soon! At every opportunity WM brings up that I sold it and rebought one – he enjoys winding me up ;(

I think that covers everything, I am a photo perfectionist and I’m so fussy on photos and take so many that get trashed, I have a look in my mind of how I would like the photo to look and anything else doesn’t really work 😉 WM has become a massive pro at taking photos for me and I think he actually enjoys taking photos since having his new phone – which works in my favour 😉 what I need to get used to next is family photos without having a remote. I have a tripod we use but sometimes if you use self-timer and you aren’t in the photo it focuses before you make your way into the shot 😐

Hope you enjoyed this post and can take something away from it if you’re looking to edit your photos ✨


Ps sorry for the rambled unnecessary long opening paragraph 😉

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