Pho Oxford 🍜

it’s been what feels like forever since I’ve done any kind of eats post and whilst I don’t have a huge amount of photos I still wanted to share how much we loved our recent trip to Pho Oxford. A friend at work actually introduced me to Pho and when I showed it to WM I knew it was 100% for him! The dishes are Vietnamese dishes which comes with a variety of sauces, spices, herbs which you add yourself and I knew he would be all;l over this!

we went in July for WM’s birthday and had the best afternoon, thank you for watching the boys ma. I had the best time with my husband! We paid Β£30 for two mains and two drinks, one alcoholic which I didn’t think was bad as know where is cheap to eat really.

i even got to mooch afterwards in peace ✌️



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