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Another day another blog post on day trips, this time sharing our recent visit to Paulton’s Park Peppa Pig world. Which lets start off with saying it was definitely not as good as Legoland in our opinion. Our journey there wasn’t great, the kids were hundred per cent amazing as it’s a good 90 minute drive, just an incident with me a dual carriageway and a massive lorry, lets just say someone was looking out for us that day! Honestly I was really really disappointed with Peppa land, for the price, we paid £90 for four of us, we put Ridley in the buggy and luckily they let him in without measuring him else it would have be £120 ….. for the price it’s good you get access to both PP and Paulton’s Park but the age difference of the two different parks means you’re probably not going to have children who can appreciate both. We got there for opening but we still had to queue for the first ride, you know when your in a long queue and one child is going mental, that was our child, it was awful. And that was pretty much the vibe for the day, along with Rue not wanting to queue for anything and everything had a queue, Legoland didn’t and some things we practically walked straight on! Rue and I did queue and go on the boat ride together which was lovely – WM and Rue queued for 30 minutes to go on a 5 minute car ride whilst I was chasing a stray Ridley around the park with a buggy in tow. I also managed to end up in the gift shop and Ridley had a meltdown as I didn’t want to buy overpriced Peppa stuff, I didn’t manage to walk out empty handed unfortunately. Ridley was so excited by all the Peppa figures around the park and kept hugging them but he wasn’t interested in going on any rides unlike Legoland so really didn’t feel like we go our monies worth. We also brought some ice creams for the kids before seeing dead wasps in the hot food section which is definitely not great. Overall the park felt cramped and on top of each other, I’m comparing this to Legoland which is potentially on a total different scale and is massive and a lot of walking. Considering we went out of half term Peppa land was super busy and crowded and queuing which was naff with a toddler who doesn’t understand queuing and Rue who point blank refuses.

I wouldn’t recommend Peppa Land at all for the money, I’ve heard Thomas Land at Drayton is good and we did consider it but the journey is 2+ hours from us each way and the kids go a bit crazy in the car after a while.

Next year we’ll have a year off theme parks as just so expensive and after Peppa I think we’re scarred 😉



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