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April 2014, month three, first scan

So today we are off to our 12 week scan (7th April) and we’re super excited and also a bit scared. We were actually further gone then we thought and they confirmed we was 14…

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March 2014 – Month Two

So its month two of the pregnancy, we’ve been so busy with the wedding that this month was a month of relaxing. Plus the day after we got married I received a phone call being…

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Mini Moon <3

Today is the day we depart for Paris on the EuroStar. This is our first time visiting Paris and also going on the EuroStar, the main reason for picking Paris is because I didn’t want…

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Monday 24th February 2014 ♥

Today is our eight year anniversary. Today is the day we celebrate our love for one another with the commitment of marriage. We’ve chosen to have a very small but special wedding with only 9…

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Monday 10th February 2014

Today was the day that we found out we are expecting our first little baba 😀 I was convinced that my feeling unwell was due to a new dishwasher, we’ve never had one before so…

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