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December 2014

Wow its nearly time for Christmas, Rue’s first Christmas already! I’m a lot more active now and i’m taking him out for a walk everyday that weather permits, i’m using the babybjorn and i’m loving…

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Six weeks old & is there anything cuter

than a sleeping baba at 830am in the morning 🙂 I don’t think there is – is there, also the days when we could swaddle him were the best! Those days didn’t last long with…

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First month …

So all was going well papa had three weeks off work and my mama kindly took two weeks off work so that reassured me for the first few weeks. First day just me and my…

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First few weeks …

For the first week after baba was born we didn’t have a huge amount of visitors basically because I wasn’t up to it, but when the visitors did start pouring in you could see them…

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First few days

Seem like a blur … Mostly I remember – taking a lot of pain killers, being awake ALOT, my husband bathing me & looking after me, spending lots of time trying to take off my…

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