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R u e s C h r i s t m a s g i f t s ⛄

Rue was so lucky with all his lovely Christmas presents this year, so lucky. I wouldn’t say he was spoilt, he didn’t wake up to a room full of presents or sacks and sacks under…

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2015 vs 2016

I didn’t do the best nine from my instagram last year, I did something different and did nine photos I hadn’t shared and this time last year my blog wasn’t live (and those missing posts…

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i t s t h e w e e k e n d ☯

& i’ve so been looking forward to this weekend for like over a year possibly even two years I know right you thinking what on earth, i’m the biggest fan of Harry Potter (well not…

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w i n t e r a t t i r e ♥

So as some of you might have seen on my insta stories I finally got round to picking up a pair of Dr Martens – yay! I’ve been after a pair for a long time…

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h a l f w a y t h e r e ♡

So this week we hit the next big milestone of 21 weeks with baba & it was time for our scan, I must admit I feel like I’ve blinked and the eight weeks in between the…

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