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l i f e l a t e l y

according to my iPhone photos   Also i thought i’d talk about what we got up to this weekend – we originally had plans with the lovely Grace but as she double booked & flew…

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h o l i d a y

We’ve just spent the last nine days together ….. & survived! We spent the weekend at home | at D I Y stores | stripping the kitchen so we could paint it on the Monday…

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j u n e f a v o u r i t e s

So this is my very first month of favourites post eekk!! I won’t be doing one every month because we don’t buy enough each month to fill a favourites post 😐 My list of favourites is…

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L o n d o n ♥

We love London, we went through a phrase (pre Rue & mortgage) of spending a lot of long weekends in London. Like a lot a lot & also an ridiculous amount of money staying in…

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t h e w e e k e n d

Started with a 5am wake-up call on Saturday morning but we then managed to nod back off and sleep in until 730am winning! I had the loveliest day in Bath Spa with the very wonderful…

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