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Life according to my iPhone – November 2018 ✨

November is over and part of me is singing hallelujah I know you shouldn’t wish time away but November was h a r d and I’m so glad it’s over. It was hard for three…

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DIY Advent Calendars

are my fave – i start shopping for the 24 items from the beginning of the new year but then i loose attention span and then i go back to it, just as well its…

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Christmas Ideas for Kids 🎄

Its close, it’s 4.4 crazy weeks until Christmas – crazy right? Wasn’t it only Christmas the other month or is that how it feels because of the hype of Christmas, some of you know i…

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  The countdown to Christmas is on which is actually really hard for me to say as its so not my favourite time of year – anyone else not completely love christmas? That being said…

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Hello I’m back – it’s been a while again. We have builders in the house at the moment and its turnt everything upside down and I’m struggling to cope with it. I can’t even tell…

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