P U M P K I N S 🎃

Its that time of year ago 😉 we go pumpkin picking every year (or at least since we found out about the pumpkins 40 minutes from us!) its only forty minutes drive away but when we got there this time WM turnt to me and said ‘ i forgot how far it is’ my reaction was mate you just gotta sit there and then he said ‘ i nearly fell asleep twice’ 😒 it was only 1015am!

Anyway since 2016 we’ve been going pumpkin picking, we normally do it on Rue’s  birthday weekend but this time we did it the weekend before as we have plans for the birthday boy! it was Ridleys first time when he’s able to walk around, he loves to walk and run on flat surfaces anything that isn’t flat he is so not a fan and so the uneven surface really put him off! he especially didn’t enjoy the photo idea i had for him and Rue 😉

i still haven’t got round to sharing our 2017 photos which i will, i will!

photos took on my iPhone or WM’s new camera phone

photos took on my compact camera



I haven’t edited any of these because i’m tired and my battery is dying – i’m getting so lazy at editing photos nowadays ;(


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