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I thought i’d do something different and do my first little pinterest board share and also a little tour of our living room, showing you what it looked like when we brought our house, what we’ve changed in the four years we’ve lived here and how we’re changing it again now that our family is growing ♥


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This is what it looked like when we brought our house ….

We stripped the wallpaper and brought a Laura Ashley print & painted the walls a light dove grey, we also removed the fire place! We brought new curtains and a white wooden slatted blind along with all new furniture, the best bit about moving is the decorating opportunities eee!

After Rue kindly ripped some of my beloved wall paper off the wall 😐 we decided wallpaper with young ones isn’t practical so we stripped the wallpaper and now all the walls are the same colour (called New York City Warmer) makes the room look much brighter and bigger which i’m loving! We turned the understairs cupboard into a toy storage cupboard for Rue, which works perfectly as all his toys stay in one place and we can shut the door on them at night, plus we’re trying to teach him to put toys away and having this storage area really helps.

We’re currently looking to replace our TV unit as Rue can climb on top of it and touch things he shouldn’t, I definitely think this time round we’ll pick one up from IKEA, we spent so much money on our Next one we currently have and the baby proofing clips have ruined it, plus with all the IKEA hacks you can do you don’t really need to spend so much on a TV unit! We have our clock tower we got from IKEA (here) and we’re hoping to replace our beige sofa which hasn’t stayed as clean as we’d of like with a leather one instead, we have leather seats in our car and we find it so practical. I’d love a coloured L shape sofa but I think i’ll have to wait until the risk of spillage is far less for nice things like that 😉

I just can’t resist feature walls, we’re up to a total of six in the house now! I’ve kept the lounge quite simple though, on the main wall the one you would class as the feature wall we have just three white frames from IKEA (here) we’ve yet to fill these yet as we’ve been decided on the prints from Etsy as there’s so many to choose from. Above the radiator cover we used to have a full on feature wall but i’ve tamed it down to one big frame (here) which I picked up in a sample sale from work for £2 ;), two of these hanging glass frames from Cox and Cox (here) and then this lovely word bunting from a Little Lovely Company (here).

We’re off to buy our TV unit at the end of the month and i’m super excited as once we have that we’re 90% there – i’ll share some photos next month ♥ I definitely feel the room is much more minimalist which is the exact feel I wanted for it, clutter can sometimes over power me and got on top of me, bright open spaces with just a few key pieces is the way forward for me now.

I’d love to hear how your lounge is set up for little ones!


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