P R I M A R K jeans

for the win! you’ve all probably heard me go on about trying to find jeans just any jeans that i’m happy in. I find it incredibly hard to find jeans that i like, that i’m comfortable in, that i feel good in & that don’t upset my tummy. Since having Ridley I haven’t lost my baby weight as quickly as I did with Rue, which is fine like i don’t mind that at all i just hate being in between sizes, no one looks good when their in-between.

So i’m normally a 12 on the bottom and an 8 on the top, recently i’ve been buying a size bigger for the non skin tight fit look but at the same time the baggy look comes into play. So i headed into Primark to try their jeans out mainly because my mama brought me something that i was taking back so therefore i wouldn’t have to pay (only on month one of statutory maternity pay and its h a r d) i took four pairs into the changing room, tried on three wasn’t happy nearly didn’t try on the fourth but so pleased i did as they felt amazing, so soft and not tight and stretchy and i got them in my old size yay!

i think the cut off bit at the bottom might get a bit annoying depending on what shoes your wearing but i quite like it with sliders. I picked these up for Β£15 and i’m so pleased with them, i tell ya jeans are the bain of my life, i’m allll about elasticated waists!

WM obviously started picking on me as soon as i put them on saying i’m trying to be Chris Brown, it’s a joke we have, he really doesn’t like the holes in jeans kinda look which i get some aren’t very nice but these are justΒ β™₯

i tried on some pale mom jeans which i loved but was in-between sizes, next on my list is a pair of pale jeans or i might wait until next year now as i wouldn’t wear pale in autumn/ winter.


all photos i took on my Sony camera which i attached to my tripod and then used the phone app to snap away, as you can see WM took it seriously 😐 honestly i end up with so many rubbish photos on my media storage from him being ‘helpful’

as the tripod was set up outside and it was a nice day i thought it’d be nice to try and take some family photos as you can never have enough right? but Rue was too busy picking the blackberries off the bush and watching Wreck it Ralph, his exact words were ‘i’m watching wreck it ralph okay mummy daddy’


WM commented on how nice my hair looked my response was ‘i’ve brushed it and straightened it for once’ πŸ˜‰


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