P o t t y training

is officially over, we made it and came out the over side! i kinda went into it a bit blind, i didn’t read up on it or do any preparation the time felt right for all of us so we went with it and here we are. i thought i’d share how we went about it to share our experience and some tips (don’t read ahead if this subject isn’t for you as i’ll be honest with our experience).

first of all your going to need:

  1. patience (a lot of it)
  2. time to invest in it
  3. flash wipes
  4. preferably an upstairs & downstairs loo (it made it much harder for us as we only have an upstairs toilet)
  5. good selection of pants
  6. a strong stomach

so first up the best place to buy pants i think is Gap, here, Gap do the best pants ever, slightly more or a lot more expensive but the fit and size is perfect! we mainly brought cheaper ones for nursery and some nicer ones for home, Asda do a good selection of plain basic ones that are really reasonable, here, and the cutest little trunks which are to die for, here.

potty, so we picked up a £2 potty from Ikea, here, we now have one upstairs and one downstairs. What we couldn’t of been without is a travel potty, here, we mainly use this when we’re out and about in the car/ holidays and for the allotment, it’s been a real life saver i 100% recommend one to avoid those trying to find a toilet panic!

Car seat protector, i’ve mentioned before that our carseat has a pretty hefty price tag so the last thing we wanted was any accidents in it, a friend recommended a seat protector and i found this little one here, luckily we’ve only had one accident in the car and that was purely because Rue fell asleep on the way home from holiday!

Our approach was different to most, it took Rue about two weeks to understand it properly and of course we didn’t stay in for the whole two weeks so that was a combination of potty and nappy usage, we didn’t go cold turkey like we have done with things before. Although it may have taken a little longer this way i think in the long run it worked out so well, once Rue started to understand more and we could have little conservations about it we was well on our way. Rue was potty trained for about a month at home before we introduced pants at nursery, to me this was more scary, he’s so on the go and all over the place at nursery i thought he was surely bound to forget he needed to go but he’s surprised us all and done amazingly! few little accidents/ wrong timings but he’s been amazing! he now fully takes himself off at nursery to use the toilet (they have mini kids toilets) and at home he doesn’t need any help using the potty, i’ll often be tending to Ridley and come back in and Rues used the potty and dressed himself after.

the only hard thing for me personally was juggling a new born and potty training, the two things always seem to collide, Ridleys feeding time being the favourite which makes it impossible to tend to both. The first week was the hardest for me, Ridley was so little and Rue was finding his feet and i just didn’t have enough of me to go around, top tip potty train your toddler before baby arrives if you can.

the only negative thing to it is the odour that comes with it, boy oh boy sometimes its hard, another top tip don’t potty train whilst pregnant as if you struggle with sickness then boy this will send you over the edge! always seem to be dinner time when it happens and theres nothing like being put off your dinner due to a certain odour. I wasn’t expecting it to be a problem but  wow somedays it certain challenges us both!

So yes thats our experience and honestly it wasn’t half as bad as i thought it would be, once we found our flow its was plain sailing. Feel free to drop me a message if you need any tips or advice i’d be more than happy to help 🙂



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