p e g b o a r d o b s e s s i o n

Peg boards – I know another random blog post from me 😉 but I am so in love with peg boards/ banners/ home décor/ ways to decorate your home with words – so I thought I’d share a high end / medium end and two lower end style peg boards that I’ve come across:

→ So on my wish list for what feels like forever is a company I came across on instagram – LetterFolkCo, these guys are US based & so in the early days they didn’t ship to the UK so I couldn’t splurge but they’ve since started offering international shipping and I must say I’ve been so so tempted! Even to the point of stalking their website when it was Black Friday last year but I still just couldn’t part with that much money (roughly £150  including shipping, not sure if that includes customs) you know me the tightest ass of all time, plus you’ve heard about my husband and his want for nothing, I can just imagine his eyes rolling when it turnt up like ‘why do we have this at this amount of money’ – we feel so differently about items like these, to me it’s almost like a must have!

→ I started doing some research for a cheaper alternative I mean my heart isn’t in an alternative but sometimes you have to compromise right 🙂 and I found this one again through instagram but again I just couldn’t part with the money (£45 plus P&P) especially when I really wanted a LetterFolk one, I was also slightly put off by the gold edging, gold isn’t one of my favourite colours and so wouldn’t of worked in our house.


→ A lower end style that I’ve been seeing more and more of lately is this one from Urban Outfitters which is really good value for what it is but it definitely wasn’t the style I was looking for to put up in our home.

→ Another lower end style is this one I stumbled across in Sainsburys the other day whilst I was considering treating myself to a nice magazine (of which I didn’t – I opted for the board instead) and I’m just so pleased with it. I mean it’s smaller than I’d like and I think you only have the option of putting the letters horizontal but then what sold it for me was the price at just £12 | the dark wood outside I really like | it has two hooks on the back for hanging and it comes with two sets of letters/ punctuation!

If you’re looking to pick one up I found this in the Valentines aisle.

So for now I have a small peg board (which is good because our two bedroom house is running out of wall space/ I’m trying to be minimalist) with the hope of one day splurging & getting my dream one 😉

LetterFolkCo – here

This Modern Life – here

Urban Outffiters – here

Sainsburys – here


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