Our first trip to Wales

Hopefully you’ve all read our first Wales post? i thought i’d split the posts up into 1. the accommodation 2. the trip 3. NT visits (obviously) πŸ˜‰ so for this post i’m going to be focusing on what its like to holiday (which isn’t even a word anymore) as a family of four …

We left for Wales early Monday morning, even though we couldn’t check in to the airbnb till 3pm, we try as much as possible to keep in with Ridleys routine on days out and holidays as like we don’t want to be on holiday & disturb his routine or change it so might sleeping doesn’t go smoothly. in hindsight we probably should have left a bit before his afternoon nap as we struggled to find things to do. We stopped off at an old railway station which was perfect for Rue but Ridley soon got bored (a common theme or sentence i’ll be using though out this post) Rue could of stayed and played at the adventure park & play train for ages, but within half an hour i had exhausted the swing, carrying and snack supply. So we headed off for a walk which Rue moaned about but Ridley loved, mainly because papa carried him, sometimes its the only way. we stayed for a couple of hours and there was so much walking to explore but it was like 28 degrees so no good for exploring with the kids, but if it was WM and i it would of been a lovely walking base πŸ˜‰ we headed off after buying lunch and went to do some food shopping to stock up for the week with the intention to then drive onto the Airbnb, i shut the door on my hand and Ridley was being a flipping nightmare and i just remember crying and handing him to WM, great start right, go on holiday with kids its the best they say, they lie….

Tuesday we explored the area and found a woods just down the road which had parking and we thought would be perfect as it was shady like all covered with trees which is perfect, i don’t enjoy the sun & try to keep the kids out of it as much as possible, the woods was a bit overwhelming for me just because i panic we’d get lost and wouldn’t find our way back and become dehydrated, WM of course looked at me and walked on the minute i started to panic, but it was a lovely little walk around i loved it and it was so cooling. I did get bit which wasn’t great & Rue freaked out and started crying and Ridley moaned, common theme. We walked back and the kids had a mini picnic in the boot of the estate which was just lush! We headed into town after this to grab some lunch and have a little mooch, i think we had ran out of milk for Ridley so needed to find a Boots which they had on the high street. We stayed and wondered for a bit and then headed back and spent sometime outside where Ridley ate grass, Rue ran up and down and papa and i didn’t get to relax.

Wednesday we made the hours drive to Tredegar House, which i’ll write about separately as it was such a fab day!

The driving around parts of Wales was so beautiful, the drive on the way in after crossing the bridge was amazing, i mean only so much you can enjoy when your the driver and its new roads but still kinda took me back to the days we drove around Kefalonia. We did find everything quite remote, i’m not sure if thats just where we stayed or if thats what its like outside of our hometown πŸ˜‰ We did manage to spend three nights together outside chatting and watching the baby deer and eating the outside grown herbs, whilst drinking beer (WM) and eating chocolate (CM) it may not sound like much but i think these moments were the highlight of my trip because we don’t really get evenings together anymore and our home outside area is pretty shit anyway (work in progress) and the views from here were just truly amazing!

We did find it tough at times being in someone else’s home with a 85% nearly walking toddler and slate flooring, it was just like draining trying to have eyes on Ridley 100% and keeping him entertained in a much smaller environment was beyond hard at times. Rue was no trouble at all in keeping him entertained or having to watch him. Its a shame sometimes as i feel Rue has to miss out as we have to do things around Ridley as the moaning isn’t kind of worth it and if he’s tired and trying to find somewhere where both will be happy is another challenge, luckily our day to NT did this and was a breathe of fresh air after the previous few days.

The driving was also pretty intense, it was a lot, it was hot and tiring, i honestly don’t mind driving but when it feels like your driving a lot it kinda doesn’t feel like a holiday. We was miles away from takeaways and restaurants so WM had to cook everynight and morning as usual and then we’d have to try and wash up, all whilst the sun was burning through the curtainless windows.

Pockets of it was perfect and beautiful and lovely but there was also an equal share of hardness that i didn’t anticipate as much & it seriously made us question the other breaks we have booked. We did plan a day at the beach but the heatwave lately has ititated Ridleys eczema so bad it wouldn’t of been fair on him and a friend mentioned her kids eating the sand and i just couldn’t face that!

This friend also told me holidays will get easier (FINGERS CROSSED) other people are slaying it i’m sure i’m just being honest and saying its not all roses holidaying with kids and babiesΒ πŸ™ˆ

Next instalment – National Trust Tredegar House


Ps this guy is amazing, i constantly speak highly of him because he’s forever carrying one of the boys, ensuring i’m okay, making everything fair, keeping me calm, never shouting – he’s just everything!

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