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It’s taken me a while but before my memory gets to far behind i thought i’d write about our first trip to a London based National Trust property. I’ve mentioned before that i found a list of three London way properties that worked for us as it was on our journey to London and we choose Osterley as i had read good things about it for the kids.

On the day we went it was fairly quiet with lots of people (London style people) here walking their dogs. I found it a bit confusing when we got there as there wasn’t any clear direction to go in and we did end up on the newly built cycle path. The walk from the car park to the property area kinda didn’t feel right for me, its a weird feeling to describe but it just didn’t feel like it was a Trust property. We walked around for a bit and then headed towards the second hand book shop/ shop & cafe for a bit before heading towards the house area. The house is huge and utterly beautiful especially from the other side once you’ve gone through to the house and garden bit.

Rue was kindly given a pair of good binoculars on the way in which he absolutely adored and even more so as Osterley is right on the flight path for a close by airport so we spent ages and i mean ages plane spotting! like i said the front of the house is beautiful and we was the only ones there so we hung out there for ages. Close by is a beautiful orangery type building and a massive garden with all types of flowers and crops – it was beautifully kept.


theres deckchairs spreaded around so we found a little spot in the shade obviously and had a little picnic on the grass area before we headed on walking around the rest of the park walk where there is a wooden play area which is fab for older children, Rue wasn’t keen on parts of it but some parts he loved. Ridley we kept happy by feeding him (how do other people keep two kids who are different ages happy?!). Theres massive green areas for children or as we found dogs (face with rolling eyes) i don’t mind a dog as long as its kept on a lead, when we was there the biggest Alsatian was running wild which is so not cool! theres also a caravan type area right on or next to NT land which i thought was cool and next to this is a giant park for kids of all ages only problem is there isn’t much shade for babies or fair headed babas.

Theres a lot to see and do i just found it quite spread out which is fine but it didn’t necessarily feel like you was at a Trust place and parts of it could be a local park area.

Coming up next is our recent trip with friends to Lacock, last time we went to Lacock Rue was roughly 9 months!


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