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I thought I’d share what we got up too on Fathers Day as we had such a lovely day out I thought I’d share in case what we did appealed to you too! I’m not saying you’ll definitely have a lovely day out as we all know kids A have their off days too and B basically never do as their told! 💁

I was talking to a friend at work about which buggy she used for going on holiday and she suggested the Mountain Buggy Nano which she mentioned John Lewis in Oxford stock if I wanted to see it for real, she also mentioned what you can get up to in Oxford with kids and when she mentioned the Natural History Museum my face lit up! Did anyone else know this was a thing in Oxford? Must people I’ve been mentioning it to didn’t! Oxford is less than an hour’s drive for us so was perfect for a day out 🙂 we started the day with a trip to John Lewis which was three stories and was just out of this w o r l d! John Lewis is also in the new-ish Westgate shopping centre which is just 😍 I could of stayed in here allll day – its serious shopping! We ended up on the roof terrace with all the places to eat and the views across Oxford were amazing, Rue loved running around and as it was fairly quiet it was okay, there was also a fake play grass area up on the top roof which was fab for babies and younger ones to play.

We then took a stroll to the museum, we thought it was going to rain as there was some pretty dark clouds but we was super lucky and it didn’t, the stroll to the museum was roughly twenty minutes of maybe less, Rue was walking (he doesn’t use his buggyboard as much now) so we did really good time considering he walked. The museum was amazing, we really liked it, I mean its not the same as London but it’s a pretty good alternative, its free and open everyday. I was shocked by the amount of dinasours there I really wasn’t expecting that many! We stopped in the top floor café and the kids had their lunch whilst we had a drink, it wasn’t the calmest of moments (sometimes feeding kids is the worst). We took a packed lunch each for the kids but there is signs up asking you not to bring your own food but I didn’t really see a great selection of kids meals.

On our way to the museum we walked through the town centre and I spotted a Leon restaurant, I was first introduced to one of these in London on Oxford Street and I fell in love! So I said to WM did he fancy a trip there especially as it was on our walk back. It was busy but their moved through the queue quickly, I didn’t manage to take any photos as I kind of go into survival mode/ octopus mode when out in restaurants with the boys I just don’t find it that easy to do so we hardly do it, or that pleasurable either, this will get better as they get older right 😉

We then headed back to John Lewis to see if we could order the buggy on a price match but unfortunately it was out of stock everywhere, it wasn’t a wasted trip as I managed to pop into the RI sale briefly and knowbody complained! I mean I was browsing for less than I was queueing 🙂 and we picked Rue up some sweets for being good, even though he deliberately jumped in a puddle when we told him not to, in his brand new vans and just normal toddler boy stuff (rolling eyes). JL also have these quiet little seating areas on each floor as you come out the lift so was the perfect place to give Ridley his bottle whilst Rue stood at the massive window and counted the cars going in and out of the car park.

The surrounding parts of Oxford was a bit hit and miss, what we really noticed was the amount of bikes absolutely everywhere! They seem to have a city bike anyone can use and these tended to be abandoned everywhere, down every alley or on every street. There was also lots of street graffiti which I love and would happily spend a day walking round looking at 😉

Even though it doesn’t sound like anything exciting or crazy we still had the best day, Ridley was an absolute babe considering he was sat in the buggy for hours upon hours (he doesn’t tend to like this) Rue walked 90% of the day which was huge for him, he only has little legs and he never moaned so I was surprised! We’ll be heading back to Oxford later in the year I’m sure for another hopefully lovely day 🙂

Check back soon for more adventures our next one is coming up soon



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