o n e month of you …. ♥

Or should I say ‘one month + 5 days’ 😉

This week on Friday you’ll be five weeks & I’m feeling all sorts about that, part of me feels like you’ve always been next to me (nanny jokes that your always in my arms & you pretty much are unless your sleeping) and part of me feels like it was only yesterday that I was talking to Gowar about how much I wanted you to be in my tummy & here you are beside me sleeping & i’m just in total awe of you my boy.

This time round the newborn experience is so different & that’s playing a huge impact in our life’s & that’s all down to the delivery we had this time round, I feel so bad as a mama that rue & I didn’t bond straight away but I keep telling myself it wasn’t my fault it was just unfortunate that the labour affected me afterwards, doesn’t mean I love you any less because of it Rue.

So a lot of people keep telling me how much Ridley looks like me (all the heart emoji eyes right now, it got boring listening to how rue looks like papa) & also how he’s very much like me, midwifes said how content he is & I Gowar has sent me some incredibly sweet messages about his contentness. I know full well anything can change at any moment with babas so I just take each day as it comes & don’t really make comments on how he is as I don’t wanna jinx anything 😉

You currently have three naps a day & I put you to bed around 730, your feeding like a champ & gaining double chins by the day which we love, you sometimes put yourself to sleep in your cot & if not you have your dodo, half the time you can’t get enough of your dodo & other times you refuse it, your feeding at a ‘guided’ amount of a two month old & you still want more after, you find comfort in your muslins & these sometimes settle you at bedtime, as soon as you see me you stop crying & calm down, you poop once a day & your pretty clockwork 😉 luckily so far you don’t seem to mind big brother being all over you like a rash! & finally you only have eyes for your mama 😉 (hopefully you’ll always be a mamas boy!)

This time round its been easier as although I’ve forgotten ALOT of the newborn stage I genuinely feel so much more relaxed this time & I put this down to knowing I can do this & get through it, that first time round I struggled to see how I’d get through some stages but now I know I can. I’ve also learnt from rues first months & put that into practice, this time round we don’t feed Ridley to sleep like we did Rue instead we wake Ridley to feed, then play then sleep. We also don’t rock Ridley to sleep, we did this with Rue till he was about 4/5 months, we don’t swaddle Ridley (he didn’t like it) when Rue was four months old I found the ‘Love to Dream swaddle bag’ & Rue loved it so this time round we’ve used it for naps & night sleeping since Ridley was a week old, we don’t try and keep the noise down – I purposely flush the toilet/ put washing on etc so he learns to sleep through noise & hopefully helps him understand the difference between night & day, although Ridley sleeps downstairs from 730 till his dreamfeed which again we did with Rue but I learnt that carrying on our evening as normal then affected Rues bedtime as he got older, so each night I draw the curtains at 730 & turn the sound off the TV to encourage Ridley to think its nighttime, I mean it does mean watching tv with the subs on but half the time I curl up next to him and nod off so it doesn’t matter (I’ve not had a proper evening in months as I used to go to bed about 8pm when I was pregnant & putting rue to bed!) as hard as it is I try not to let Ridley fall asleep on either of us as we did this with Rue & although it’s lovely I don’t think it helped us down the line when the only way he’d sleep is by being next to us, I do so miss those snugglely newborn naps, I’ve probably had about five so far & although it’s hard I’m hoping it’ll help plus with a toddler in tow I can’t really soak them up can I!





These beautiful milestone cards are from the lovely Cheryl Rawlings which you can purchase here

the love to dream swaddle can be purchased here, I swear by this!

& Ridleys rabbit I picked up from The White Company, here, I most of subscribed to their newsletter as each month they send me a little catalogue with a discount code & free delivery 🙂


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