Nymans 🌰

a long trip ahead we decided to stop off at a National Trust property and Nymans was kinda on our way and I saw on the website the property had the best wisteria 😍

we’ve never been to Nymans before probably because it is so far from us, but it was one of if not the best property we’ve been too, WM said it was his favourite property on the way out! It was simply gorgeous and my iPhone photos don’t do it justice it’s just so not easy to run after the kids, push a buggy, carry a bag or a child and have my DSLR out ;(

we only stayed for hour as the kids just run everywhere 🤦 so it’s kinda of impossible to fully enjoy the visit, we didn’t walk it all either as the kids kept running off in different directions either chasing birds or hitting things with sticks ….

If you have the chance to go you could easily spend a day there on a nice day as there’s so much outdoor space and space to relax outside and so much to see! Hopefully we’ll be back maybe minus the kids 😉 or if not when they don’t run everywhere!



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