the next step of our journey ….

we’ve been making some tough decisions over here over the last few months in the build up for the end of my maternity leave, what do we do has been the question, how do we afford two lots of nearly full time childcare even with the thirty hours free funding the bill is still $$ my main thought it how to other people afford childcare full time and for more than one child?

so we’ve made the decision for WM to be a stay at home papa, which we all know secretly he’s wanted this forever! its still a tough decision to make, for him to be leaving his job of ten years (he just celebrated his ten year anniversary last month!) and to be unemployed and for all the responsibility to be on me. its the right decision for the kids but also the only decision that made sense so we’re lucky the two paired up.

we’ve also decided to take Rue out of his current nursery set up and we’ve (fingers crossed) got him a place in at the school down the road from us. theres a couple of reasons for this one being money, we couldn’t afford to keep him in his current nursery with one wage but also this is the school Rue will be hopefully (obviously if the council let him) going to school too so it made sense to settle him as soon as possible.

he’ll hopefully start in January like a bedding in process and fully start in February doing just 15 hours a week, so 12-3 each day and then from September we can choose to pay something like £16 for a morning session which will mean he’d do a 840-310 day. so we’ll book him in for a  couple of full days and the rest just afternoons.

i’ve been so fortunate that i’m returning to work on a four day working week doing 34 hours, which counts as part time, i don’t think i’m part time its technically one hour off of normal full time. so i’ll probably have a Wednesday off to spend with my boys and I’m so so excited for these days! i find a Wednesday breaks up the week and it works well with a Bank Holiday as get five days off for 1 days holiday 😉 before i left to have Ridley i was doing 30 hours over four days so i have increased my hours slightly but i won’t be having to do the nursery drop off and pick up (and if your local you know how much of a ball ache traffic is in Swindon, especially heading to the motorway!)

so yes this is the next part of our journey and i’m excited to start it and get into a flow but also heartbroken to be leaving my baby, its been so different this time around with Ridley and honestly i’m not sure i’m ready to leave him but i’ve just got to get on with it and do it and that’s what i’ll do. some days will be tougher then others but i’m super lucky and i can walk to work so i’m so close to home and i won’t have to sit in traffic or any of that. plus i love the charity i work for and feel so lucky to work there, twelves years this year, so theres a lot of pluses and only a few niggles.

the hardest part is returning to work and WM not being there e v e r again, we’ve worked together for nearly t w e l v e years, every day all day its been us working together and to think that’ll never be is the hardest bit. to not see him at work, to not speak to him, to not glance over the office and see him, to not have him there working with me is so tough, i know he belongs at home (its what he wants and what he’s dreamt of) but doesn’t make it easier for me to not have him there with me.

so next year will be a year of firsts, new journeys and experiences and i’m kinda ready.


the outtakes 😉

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