National Trust – Killerton

So we decided to stop off at a Trust property on the way down to Newquay to break up the journey, plus with Ridleys feeds we had to make a stop somewhere.

I spent a while trying to find somewhere two hours from home but kinda on course to Newquay but struggled a bit so we ended up adding an extra half hour to our journey but I’m so glad we went with Killerton as we loved it!

We didn’t go in the house (we’re not really house-y people, although their currently fundraising for a new roof so it would of be quite interesting) but we didn’t have a huge amount of time & defiantly didn’t see it all!

On arrival there’s a lovely toilet block right next to the car park, now I know this sounds weird but my family know my love for nice clean toilets, as a kid I was always vetting toilets when we went out, slightly weird 😉 but also when you have babs you don’t want to be changing them in a less pleasant changing facility! The toilets were lovely, when I came out WM was talking to an old very old man who had his head firmly in our buggy! He turned round to look at me & said ‘you two have been busy haven’t you’ I just smiled politely 😉

Access to the property was down some steep steps but there was a pathway for buggys winning! We headed into the estate and spent the first hour in the tea room (desperately trying to feed Ridley, he’s not great at being feed in public) and then in the garden shop/ second hand book shop & the actual shop. We both had a list of items that we wanted to buy! A lady in the garden shop (who had overheard we was on holiday) looked at me & asked how old Ridley was & I replied 3 months her next comment was ‘gosh your brave’ that’s before she saw Rue and then she looked at me with a slight sympathy look, to be honest i hadn’t even thought about if this holiday would be hard or not because you just get on with it right?

We took the short walk to the house and gardens, we passed a child’s small play area (always welcome) as we’re walking there’s lots of hidden giant swings in trees which we stopped and had a go on, the views and the air hitting you as you go back and forth was lovely, I didn’t want to get off!

The gardens were beautiful, we was lucky we was there on a beautiful day! So much grass for Rue to run around, there was deckchairs and kids deckchairs, there was a giant puzzle and wooden ride on horses for the kids! It was fab, I always look at the website for hints on how good the property will be for children and some don’t give much away so I was so surprised by how family friendly this was.

Ridley stole all the attention with everyone staring and smiling at him & us, maybe there also secretly thought we was crazy!

Anyway Killerton we loved you & well defiantly be back one day 🙂


Ps the family photos below were taken by the kindest mama passing by, she tried desperately to get Rue to just look at the camera but hey toddlers right ….

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