month of you my baby ✨

You’ve now been in the world longer than I carried you, gosh it feels like such a long time ago since I carried you & boy that pulls at my heart strings so much! To me you look like a proper little person now and not a baby baby! You’ve found your own voice and it can certainly be loud especially at 6:35am when Rues still sleeping, you love love to be on the go & get so frustrated that you can’t yet move by yourself, your walker is your best friend (Rue absolutely hated it!) we’ve got over the hurdle of gagging on everything and now we’re managing finger foods! Not sure papa is loving it as you’re eating your own lunch and then eating his too 😉 two little teethy have made an appearance 😍. We adore you, waking up every morning and getting the biggest smile and cuddles is just the most perfect way to start the day! We all love you very very much Ridley chops (as Rue calls you)


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