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So its not long and we’ll soon become a family of four, crazy to be saying that as well I just didn’t expect it to feel like the time is going past so quickly! Someways it feels like it was WM & I for so long that now we’ve almost doubled in numbers in such a short amount of time it just feels a little surreal, hugely blessed but surreal (as i’m typing this he’s upstairs asleep snoring away with Rue tucked underneath his arm most probably – it’s 20:13 on a Wednesday night)

Its been so lovely to spend some 1:1 time with my babs like so lovely, i’ve had the best few days with him, mainly because I can focus all my attention on him. Even though whilst I was working I didn’t work on a Wednesday I tried to fit so much into those Wednesdays that Rue didn’t receive a 100% of my time. I can definitely see a difference now that i’m dedicating 100% to him on the days he’s not at nursery and it’s so lovely i’ve got to experience this before baby comes along, i’m hoping this bonding time will help the transition of becoming a big brother.

We’ve not done a huge amount because my energy levels are in no way the same as his 😉 plus i’m constantly uncomfortable or needing the loo so going out far isn’t practical (how I lasted till 42 weeks with Rue I don’t know, some days i’m so uncomfortable) i’m quite slow at the moment as well, I swear the boys like to annoy me by purposely leaving ‘stuff’ on the floor for me to pick up, god it’s annoying as hell as I really struggle to get down that low now & i’m not even big compared to some people, I suppose it depends on how your carrying though 🙂

Anyway here’s some photos of us from our days lately, admittedly there’s not many as i’ve been soaking up all the kisses/ thumb holding/ chatting offline but I did manage to snap these the other day when Rue took a bath, he tends to be a little less active so there’s less chance of the photos blurring 😉

and yes I have slightly butchered his little fringe, papa likes him with a fringe and I don’t so I got a bit scissor happy/ i’m not a hair dresser but at least I can see his pretty little face now ♥

please ignore my massive eye bags and double chin 😉


on our last day just the two of us for a while (queue all the tears 🙁 ) we had such a lovely lovely day, there was no tantrums/ no naughty step/ no crying (from either of us) all around winner of a day!

We spent of our time playing pretend eating on the bed, which then laid onto ‘patter cake patter cake bakers man’ which i’ve recently introduced him to & he loves it! we played with ‘my people’ as he likes to call them for about an hour – picking them up in his dumper truck and then pouring them back out again. In the afternoon we made chocolate rice krispie cakes (check out the tiling, yep its all done …. now WM just needs to paint the kitchen s o m e t i m e) and then we walked to meet papa from work, which my goodness i wish i could have photographed WM’s face he was over the moon that Rue and I were sat on the curb waiting for him. Such a lovely day, I managed to take some videos of Rue and I playing in the morning  so i’ll definitely treasure those as he’s at such a lovely age with the comments he comes out with and the little stories – its hard some days but then days like today are amazing.

teaching him young to clean up after himself 😉 


Finally each month I hope to capture/ keep/ share one monthly Maguire photo and this is our first official one (well the third photo down) isn’t Rues face just the absolute cutest! I’m going to backtrack through my insta and add the following #maguiresmonthlyphoto and then going forward aim to add one a month – just because time goes by so fast and I think there’s nothing lovelier than to click and have a little mini timeline of all your photos by each month of the year.



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