Mountain Buggy Nano Review

I just wanted to take a second to share my love for our Mountain Buggy Nano ♡

We’ve had a selection of buggys over the last nearly five years and this one is by far the best buggy for size, price & usability.

With Ridley I wanted to get a ‘proper’ buggy so I choose the Silver-cross Pioneer at a whopping 700 odd quid, staggering isn’t it! It wasn’t the best whilst we had our Mokka as the chasis was huge and even with the estate it took up the majority of the estate and then when WM took over having Ridley and I went back to work he hated the Silvercross, like so much. We kept it for a while whilst Rue was still growing as he was using the buggyboard on it.

We had two holidays in the UK last year and decided we couldn’t take the Silvercross as we’d have no boot space for the rest of the stuff that comes with having children ;( we had talked and talked about the BabyZen Yoyo after seeing it plastered allll over Instagram & you know I’m a sucker for wanting what’s on Instagram. I happened to mention it to a colleague who suggested the Mountain Buggy Nano as she had it and was also looking at the Babyzen beforehand, she also mentioned that the John Lewis in Oxford has both of them so you can try before you buy. Which was ideal as nowhere in our home town stocked either of these and I wanted to be sure this next and final buggy was for us.

We tried both and to be honest there was hardly any difference in feeling which is odd considering the Babyzen is double the price of the Mountain buggy, I did prefer on the Babyzen at the time was the handlebar as it was better positioned, but you know I’ve never once thought about this since and I think in all honesty I just really wanted a Babyzen because everyone else had one.


We got the Mountain buggy online with a discount code, obviously and got it for under £200 and boy oh boy we’ve definitely got our money’s worth out of it (shortly after we got it Ridley probably had all his naps in it for about a month whilst we was having building work on the house) its great for naps as the back reclines flat and you can add a snooze shade onto it which is what we did. The basket underneath is a bit on the small side but it just means you think before you buy shopping 😉 it’s still decent enough! The hood is a fairly good size, I don’t think any hoods are that great at blocking out the sun from babs eyes. It comes with a travel bag which is what we’re planning on putting it in when we fly soon so we should get it through as hand luggage🤞🏻 . You do need to buy a rain cover separately (ours is already broken as Ridley kicked it, do any rain covers last nearly all of ours have broken) it’s a duo pack of a rain cover and mosquito net for £30 which is bit steep having to buy it separately but the buggy is a realllllly good price! Finally I found the choice of foot muffs pretty limited to have mountain buggy ones direct, I think they do like a baby sleeping one which is £100 (crazy right) and it looked more like an actually baby sleeping bag so potentially not good for toddlers. John Lewis saved the day with their universal £20 foot muff which has been perfect.

The buggy has certainly been all over, we took it to Wales in the woods and riverside, to London in the city and on the tube and trains, it’s so compact we when was on the train that we folded it as Ridley was asleep in the sling, it’s been to so many Trust properties and performed on all types of terrains. We absolutely love it and really really wish we knew about it when we first had Rue we would of saved sooo much money! In case you’re wondering it doesn’t come with a car seat for those early days BUT you can buy adapters and I’m guessing certain car seats fit onto it and for those with a toddler already you can get a double mountain buggy Nano for two toddlers or one baby and one toddler. It’s amazing value for money, it’s amazing on all terrain, it’s light as a feather, it’s super super compact if your short on space inside your house and car, we adore you Mountain buggy and I wanted everyone to know about you as like I mentioned before I only heard of you this time last year!



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