Mothers Day Gift Guide

So today i thought i’d share of my favourite ideas to receive as a gift what with mamas day coming up! Each year so far Rue (& now this year Rue and Ridley ♥️) have brought me presents in both black & white and also items i can wear. So my first mothers day present was a Monki panda blouse which i get so many compliments on! Second year was my Adidas superstars which was a pricey present to receive and Rue made me the cutest clay tea lighter holder which is on my dresser and last year was my nike sliders.

anyway heres a couple of ideas if you need a helping hand or just want to treat yourself 😉

  1. Mama jewellery
  2. Sandals
  3. Books
  4. Eyelash curlers
  5. Mama Tshirt

I think I’ve mentioned the lovely Kelly before, I have a couple of her pieces and love them so much! I’m constantly stalking her WEBSITE 😉 she’s recently launched earrings which I’m loving but my ears are no longer pierced so on my list to do is get my ears pierced but more on that another time. When I do I’m straight away heading over for a brand new pair of sparklers 😉 so yes  go check out her amazing work and treat yourself or someone close to you because everyone deserves a treat right?!

So for years I’ve been wearing my Topshop version of Saltwater sandals but last year was their last year before I had to put them out for the rubbish men, I started thinking about treating myself to either a pair of Birkenstock’s or a pair of salt water sandals and then the more I thought about it on my way into work (deep thinking on my walk into work right?) I decided against this and would try and get another pair of Topshop ones, if they still sell the ones I’m after. But for someone not as tight as me/us either of these would be perfect for Spring/ Summer!

photo credit: pinterest

Lately WM and I have been increasing our book collection, we mainly have two genres going on 1. Cooking 2. Gardening, I’m keen to have my own shelf & establish a genre for me, I have no idea what this is! But a few books I’ve seen lately that one might like to receive include:

  1. Ferne Cotton –  Calm
  2. Yoga – best 100 poses
  3. Alexa Chung – IT
  4. Toolkit for working women
  5. Love Style Life
  6. Dry non alcoholic cocktails (yes because i’m that rock & roll!)

For my birthday WM brought me some lovely eyelash curlers from Bobbi Brown, these are such a luxury! I/ we would never normally spend £20+ on some eyelashes curlers, but I came across these & they had amazing reviews so we went for it. Might have been the 15% off and free delivery when you sign up to their newsletter that sealed the deal but you know. Anyway the reason I asked for these is because last year I tried false individual lashes and I found these ruined my lashes and I lost a fair amount of my natural lashes in the process ;( so I decided no more stuff like this and to only use products that I can easily remove without harming my body. Because I damaged my lashes when I wake up in the morning they point all over the place and were very flat, I’ve been using these curlers everyday for the past two months and I’ve really noticed a difference and feel a lot happier when I’m applying my mascara.

Last and by no means least is a tshirt – hello you can never go wrong with a tshirt 😉 you know it! I recently discovered Bee & Mae and just adore all their items and it was really difficult to choose just one tshirt, their tshirts are in USD which equites to around £20 plus I got a free pin with mine, hello new pin love the biggest pin lover over here! Here’s five of my favourite tees from their collection 😍

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