Mother’s Day 2019 🌸

I wouldn’t necessarily do a post on this subject in particular but this year I thought I’d share our day

There’s this certain expectation that it should be the perfect day but honestly it’s just another day. We spoke and spoke about what we could do for the day to make an effort and go out and do something, we decided on a Trust property one night in the week leading up, but then I wasn’t really feeling it as the weather had changed so we literally hopped in the car and drove to the nearest farm/ play area/ garden centre. It’s more a place for WM 😉 but I’m happy if everyone else is happy and I’m even happier when everyone is quiet and well behaved, that was kind of what I was hoping for. Sundays tend to be our worst day of the week – I can’t explain why but everyone tends to get on each other’s nerves, the kids can be crazy hard work and I love Sundays but also kind of dread them (I know I’m not alone 😉 )

But we had a surprisingly lovely day, trip to Oxford in the morning, both boys feel asleep on the way home (Rue hardly ever falls asleep in the car!) WM had a nap and he also made me healthy cookies (got a thing massive for cookies right now, I ate two in one day the other day!) I got chocolate biscuit fudge cake which was unreal, the boys brought me some beautiful presents, the garden centre was giving out free flowers for Mother’s Day – also  Ridley screamed the garden centre down for five minutes and did that annoying thing of arching his back and kicking, Rueben was crazy in the afternoon which resulted in some time out in his room which was incredibly exhausting.



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