Month Four – May 2014

Its 20 week scan time – eekk!!

I can honestly say i’ve never been so nervous, for me it wasn’t about finding out the baby’s sex it was to make sure baba was healthy and growing okay. That initial wait from your 12 week scan to your 20 week scan feels like such a drag, it was finally our time for our twenty week scan. When we arrived the waiting room was overflowing with people, a lot far more pregnant then me. Our appointment was delayed and we had a two hour wait or so in this overflowing hot meeting room. William is known for being the most laid back person ever and i mean ever. Me i’m the total opposite, i’m hell of a lot calmer than i used to be but in situations like this it’s hard to remain calm.

Today i’m wearing my dear Juneys Β vintage Marks and Spencer blouse and our Alzheimers badge so she was there with me when we received the news. This little badge comes with me whenever I need comfort or extra support, I carried it around in my clutch all day on our Wedding day as my something blue and for my Juney who couldn’t be there on the day to celebrate with us.

I can still remember the moment we went in and going through the motions of the scan and its ever so quiet as the nurse lady is concentrating but I just want to shout at her ‘is everything okay’, those few seconds/ minutes your waiting for like years.

Then when she confirmed everything was okay with baba, William asked her what the sex of the baby was and she confirmed a little boy :):) our little boy!! She then continued to show us some quite graphic photos to prove we was indeed having a boy πŸ˜‰

i’m not normally one for uploading scan photos as i personally think it’s a private matter and telling the world your pregnant with a scan photo theres no real thought gone into it but I feel its only right to share our scans on Rue’s blog.

Our scan was on the Tuesday but we decided to have a few days to absorb our news just the two/ three of us πŸ™‚ we told close family and friends on the Friday/ Saturday.




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