Monday comes around to quickly ….

surely everyone thinks this right?

so i always try and time when i ask WM to ‘take my photo’, you kinda gotta do it this way to get the most out of it, otherwise you end up with a pile of crap photos or half of them of him and his nostrils

on Saturday he decided it was the perfect time to clear out the guttering, timing wise it could of been better but its a good job done & he was happy, just as he was stepping outside i was like ooohhh take my photo for #whatmamaworemonday and it worked out perfectly!

i’m still having to plan my photos mainly because of the lighting and also everything we do is done around the kids so it really doesn’t leave much time ;(

so heres what i wore at the weekend, mum picked up these jeans for me as i really struggled to find them in store, some stores are so bad at advertising new products on social media but that doesn’t always mean you can purchase them in your local store!

Jeans are from Primark @ £16, similar HERE

T-shirt is just from Asos, HERE

Sliders similar HERE


Ps WM hates these jeans & whenever i put them on he gives me the look of ‘your not wearing them are you?!’

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