May Favourites

How is it three months since my last favourites post already?! although how is my little boy two whole months old now 🙁 those newborn moments are slipping from my fingers already argh!

Anyway onto what i’ve loved this month or potentially April as well as i clearly haven’t got my shit together with these monthly favourites 😉

First up is these gorgeous cactus pjs from Sainsburys, first of all I love cactus’s at the moment just something about them that i love, the gorgeous Jess sent our baby presents in the most gorgeous cactus paper (that girl knows 😉 ) anyway i saw these all over instagram and knew I needed them! it was just by chance that mama and I strolled to Sainsburys and these were calling me from the corner of my eye & my sweet mama brought them for me! babe ♥

next up is this gorgeous swimsuit i picked up from Primark, it might not be everyones taste but I love it! it has a low scooped out style back which I really like and the price was just £4 :O we’re not going on a sun holiday this year but I hit the big 3 0 next year so i’m currently saving to take the four of us away, I can’t imagine how much it’ll be for four of us 🙁 we’re off on holiday to the coast in July and theres a swimming pool where we’re staying so I might try it out then 🙂         lets hope I still like it next year/ you can never start holiday shopping to soon can you?

my gorgeous lovely friend who is a total babe picked up this adorable denim jacket with sheep skin for Rue from M&S to match one, she knows just how much i L O V E to match my boys (all of them) so it was the cutest thought ever! & after Rue it’ll go onto Ridley so i’ve got many years of matching out of it, I wonder what age i’ll have to stop matching them 🙁

next is this gorgeous crochet blanket my mama made for Ridley, I absolutely love it and even more special that it was your first ever crochet blanket! was such a lovely surprise and was totally unexpected as i know how much you struggle to crochet 😉

last up is these gorgeous Joules striped dungarees, from the lovely Gowar, again she knows I just love dungarees and as papa as banned me from buying Rue any as he thinks he’s too big now (I totally disagree) Ridley will be in all the dungarees for as long as possible! plus mama has a pair of denim dungarees so you know more matching is going to be happening 😉 plus who doesn’t love stripes especially white and black just perfect, i love it – thank you!


Hopefully i’ll be back doing one of these in June but I can’t promise 😉



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