maternity leave has started ….

and i’m on day six and its already going so quickly! Day one and I went a little crazy (well not crazy at all just crazy for me) with some online shopping mainly all of which was for the kids. Don’t you find that when your a parent you spend all your money on kids, WM and I sold some stuff on eBay and all the money went on the kids!

I’ve managed to tick off a few things on my maternity list including buying a new camera (eeee!), chopping three inches off my hair and trying out false lashes. the false lashes (the ones you stick on individually yourself) totally didn’t work out for me and i’ve ended up loosing some of my right eye natural lashes 🙁

i thought i’d share the little online shopping haul i did on GapKids and Zara using my first moodboard, it’s totally basic I know 😉


I’ve put the little yellow booties in my basket so many times on the Gap website, mainly because Rue has two pairs of yellow Hunters and I saw these and thought they looked so cute for those pre-walking days and for matching with big brother! ♥

We popped to Matalan first thing on Sunday morning to pick up a few pieces and there was so much there that caught my eye! I did pick up a few bits for the home but I put them all back 🙂 their homeware section seems to have increased in size and also the range of items took me back, at least ten items caught my interest 😉

there was a couple of other items as well that really took my interest but wasn’t on Collective

one was this cute little green post holder which I picked up and put back (here)

second was this hanging macrame piece, which i’m sure i’m going back for to hang in our lounge (here)

thirdly there was some amazingly cute macrame planters, WM & I are really interested in these, where to put them i’m not sure but there was lots we liked! (here and here)

fourthly was this lovely floor cushion, i’m obsessed with floor cushions, not that we have anywhere to have a floor cushion area but I’d love to have room one day (here)


I thought i’d share the first family photo we took on the camera flip screen, as you can probably tell it takes me a lot of takes to get good photos with both of these boys of mine, WM has a tendency to always have his eyes close and Rue I can’t get him to stand still & smile at the same time without the photo blurring, so heres a real life photo, unedited and I kinda love it as it’s real!


hope you all have a good week, i’ll be back soon writing about some of the recent purchases we’ve made/ other people have brought us ready for baba! 🙂


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