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Every pregnant woman needs a good support bra whilst pregnant, with Rue I had an Emma Jane one and whilst this was super comfy it didn’t quite lift me like the Calvin does, the Calvin is just so comfortable for day or nighttime wear I just couldn’t be without it, so much so that I have two one in black and one in this lovely blue colour

Brita Water Bottle

I definitely can go hours without having a drink whilst looking after Rue, which if you know me you know this is so not like me πŸ˜‰ so this handy water bottle has been my best friend for when we’re out and about, it’s a bit on the big side but it does fit in Rues bag and it means when he’s ran out I can top his bottle up with some of mine πŸ™‚ There’s so many water bottle options out there and it can get a bit confusing I choose this one for three reasons 1. I liked the look of it 2. it filters the water when you drink from it 3. the price, this cost just Β£9.49 from John Lewis which I thought was really reasonable

Body Shop Coconut Milk

Its very rare I get a bath or an uninterrupted bath nowadays, normally theres a little visitor peeking over the edge or falling in head first 😐 but when I do I always try to give my skin a good exfloiate and then replenish with this gorgeous smelling coconut milk. Β I’m not expecting it to do anything pregnancy wise for me other than add some moisture to my skin, i’ve been very fortunate and haven’t received any stretch marks with either bab so I use moisture products rather than stretch mark products.

Loreal Clay Hair Mask

I had a free sample of this in a magazine, I tend to collect them up and then use them as and when my hair needs a good condition treatment. I’ve found my hair to be all over the place this pregnancy one minute it feels and even looks gorgeous and then suddenly its got the texture of straw and I can’t do anything with it. I was having one of those days the other day so I reached for some hair nourishment, admittedly I did put the mask onto wet hair as I didn’t read the instructions first πŸ™ but i’ve used the product again since and i’ve been really impressed with it! I tend to stay away from Loreal products I can’t tell you why other than maybe I feel i’ve been there and done that when my hair was blonde i’d always reach for Loreal but since then I haven’t reached for it until now.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

My skin during the first and second stage of pregnancy has been really bad so i’ve been looking for a good coverage whilst not looking like i’ve applied fifteen layers of foundation. I’m not a fan of heavy foundation in the slightest I like my skin to be able to breathe and to look natural plus know-one wants their make up to start dripping off when they get too hot. So this has been perfect for both covering and for not being heavy! This is a lovely product and a sweet friend brought it for my birthday which she totally spoilt me with and i’m loving using it!


I dont tend to do my hair anymore but at the same time I still like it to look nice which is pretty unrealistic right?! So i’ve been searching Β pinterest for some quick and easy ideas I can mix up if I get time to grab five minutes in the morning, clear elastic bands have been fab lately and i’ve been reaching for them so much – I’ve even received a few nice comments lately on my hair πŸ˜‰ Next on my list when babs is here is to combat my greys – it’s starting to get out of control the other night I plucked seventeen yes seventeen out than gave up because I was wasting valuable resting time.


I suffered with heartburn during the last few weeks of pregnancy with Rue but it took me a while to take anything to try and help ease it, I personally just don’t like to take anything when i’m pregnant. The stuff the midwife prescribed wasn’t nice at all, it was a massive pink bottle of what I can only describe as aniseed flavoured syrup which before bed knowone wants aniseed flavour. This time round it’s started much earlier and it’s been more violent so I took a trip to Sainsburys as I just couldn’t stand the acid sensation anymore, I picked up a pack of the double action chewable mint flavoured tablets that help with acid and heartburn and these have been a lifesaver. These aren’t cheap but i’d happily pay for them rather than aniseed flavoured liquid, now I just need to get WM to stop eating them for no reason other than he wants to try one e v e r y t i m e!




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