mamas birthday ♥

is one of my favourite days of the year i just love a birthday, i mean their not quite the same with babs as well life isn’t about you anymore and so you end up catering the day around them. We had a pretty tough Bank Holiday Monday so my expectations for Friday were low and we didn’t make any actual plans.

papa surprised me and went on his lunch break to buy the ingredients to make me a chocolate cake and to make us homemade pizzas, i was so surprised and happy – sometimes he’ll do little gestures like this for me but most the time i have to prompt him but this was totally unprompted 🙂 it was a lovely day so we decided to go out for a long walk at Barbury Castle to fly a kite (Rue loves kite flying) my first ever time up there & i loved it! i think it was a combination of the pure open space, the sunshine and having my boys just made it perfect! Rue moaned like hell for the first ten minutes but thankful stopped moaning and was loving being outside.

we came home and watched finding nemo (papa even let me watch Friends for an hour, he hates Friends)  and ate pizzas together it was just a lovely lovely birthday! goes to show you don’t need to make all the plans in the world to have a lovely time, i used to always make plans and now hardly ever as with the kids your have to tailor your life around theres and learn to go with the flow.

thank you papa for making it the perfect day!


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