mama and son

can you believe i brought this t-shirt to wear at his first birthday party?! …….

we had a dinosaur party and i wanted to blend in 😉 but in a kinda good way (basically with a good dinosaur tee, this one is from the one and only tee and cake)

feels a million years ago since Rue was a one year old, i can remember clear as day him on his first birthday! and his second and his third and then this year his fourth ;(

papa kindly took these photos for us one the hottest day of the year so far – so thankful for my Wednesdays off! (even if i do loose a small fortune, money isn’t as important as time the four of us!)

the things he’s coming out with at the moment really make me smile some of the clever comments that come from no where, the endless asks for his birthday list (he’s slightly obsessed with birthdays at the moment!) his list currently is to meet peppa pig, for a new bike, for the biggest play gun in his life, for a birthday cake, for a stretch man, to meet transformers – we have lots of little chats about all our birthdays he always talks about buying papa, mama and Ridley presents too he suggested getting papa a big drink for his birthday i have no idea where this came from and for me a barbie doll 😉 you know toy adverts that are on tv whenever a girly one comes on he gets excited and wants to get it for my birthday.

he’s slightly obsessed with his muscles at the moment – again where has this come from? we all have to feel each others muscles normally before papa heads out the door for work or on a weekend we spend a good hour back and forth talking about muscles 😉 does your Saturday night include this ha!

its also a really tricky age as he hardly ever listens to anything we say ;( gosh i have to repeat myself constantly (hitting myself over the head just thinking about it) he has an answer or answers back for e v e r y t h i n g! and he loves to run off although i’m hoping we might be turning a corner with this one now (fingers crossed) we’ve lost him twice in IKEA and once at a garden centre where he ran across to the other side of the outside area, it was awful,  then the looks from people when i told him off were just as awful ;( and he likes to break everything within five seconds of receiving it, literally, i  cried the other day as i spent ages sourcing some handwriting books for him and he broke the pen within an hour and its one of those wipe erase pens, i put him on the step and just cried in front of him (i was kinda at my limit for that day and it was only like 3pm)

thank goodness for papa as these were the photos i was getting on self timer, he’s expression would change before the shutter clicked!

we love you our boy, you and papa are inseparably and as much as sometimes he wants a breather he hates you being away from him!



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