m y b o y

is growing up so fast, time slow down right now! i mean he’s nearly three, a lot of people lately have asked how old Rue is and i’m all like yeah he’s two & WM’s on the other side saying he’s pretty much three and i’m like noooo!

a conversation goes:

Man: how old are your children

CM: 2 years and baby is 4 months

Man: wow he’s tall for 2 years

CM: well he’s nearly 3 years old

Man: so he’s 3

CM: no hes a 2 year old but coming up to 3

Man: well he’s a big 2 year old

CM: ‘hits herself over the head’ 😐


anyway i’ve lost track, so memories yes lately i’ve been making an effort to record little snippets of Rue each day (look out for a ‘hopeful’ well edited youtube video … sometime this year) and also to write down all the cute things he’s been saying, this boy of ours says S O many words SO many! I put this down to nursery, he learns so much from going there! i mean i genuinely think Rue is extremely clever but nursery gives him so much to focus on, to get involved with, to learn about, to socialise with.


  1. mama: Rue what would you like for your birthday?  Rue: ummm beans on cake
  2. Mummy you need to clean that table, its got all dinner is, thank you mummy
  3. need to wriggle my bits out, need to wriggle my bits on your toes       (WM taught Rue to shake after using the potty)
  4. mama: blow Ridley a kiss Rue: can’t mummy my mouth full
  5. thursday tuesday wednesday thursday
  6. mummy enough cuddles enough m u m m y!
  7. get out my bathroom mummy daddy okay
  8. its trying to rain
  9. bye daddys garden have a lovely day
  10. Ridley its okay, we going now, Ridley its okay Rue Rue here

So in love you with my boy ♥


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