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Sooooo it’s a day for mamas in a couple of weeks & as I’m always wearing mama products I thought I’d share some of my favourite items with you along with a little beauty haul as no mama should go without a treat right 😉

First up is my gorgeous amazing mama necklace that I got from cultofyouth, I absolutely adore it & I’m so so pleased I managed to pick one up! I always receive so many compliments when I wear it as it’s just beautiful! Kelly’s work is simply devine & honestly if I had more money I’d purchase more of her work! I do have a personalised necklace in a single layer which says ‘Rueben’ which again receives so many comments when I wear it. Go check out her work 🙂
Secondly is my trusty mama pins that are permanently stuck to my denim jacket! I’ve had these babies a while & their the perfect way to inject a touch of motherhood into your outfit! They’ve definitely turned me into a pin lover & I’m always on the look out for different ones but when it comes to it you can’t beat a mama pin 😉 there’s so many beautiful t-shirts on the website that i’m lusting over! ♥
Thirdly is my mama bird top which I picked up from etsy as a treat as it was a little pricey for me but i just had to have it! I adore wearing it & it’s super comfy which helps, it even fits me now still whilst being eight months pregnant! Bee & Fox the sellers of the tshirt also have a ‘love your mother’ Tshirt which I’d love to pick up as well!
Fourthly is my amazing ‘mother’ top from Selfish Mother, I’ve mentioned this top so many times in blog posts & Instagram posts which shows how much I love it! It’s really been a staple piece for me during this pregnancy as it’s so comfy & easy to put together with an outfit! I’ve always loved the baseball style tops & whats better than having your role written across it for you to wear proudly! Plus selfish mother do some amazing work with charity’s where they donate so much money for each tshirt sold, read more here.
These are a few of my favourite products or products that are new & i’d be interested in trying! I find putting a hint out there doesn’t harm either 😉


Happy Sunday mamas my boy is saying so many words now I’m off to soak them all up along with as many kisses as I can force him to give me 😉
Ps as I was putting this post together late last night (I fell asleep putting rue to bed, I a l w a y s fall asleep putting rue to bed & then I miss out on that evening 😐 ) I was laid on my side in bed & baba was kicking so hard that the springs in the bed were creaking it was so lovely & also so needed as I was struggling a lot a lot with heartburn & acid last night 🙁

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