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The last time I wrote one of these was in the Summer of last year and that is just crazy because so much has changed since then and I haven’t written it down 🙁 we’re at such a fun and also challenging age with Rue that hopefully I can document it a bit more as I go on maternity leave (who am I kidding a i’m going to be too tired to even function probably 😉 ) so here’s your warning don’t expect too much from me over the next six months ♥



1. when I pick rue up first thing in the morning and we go downstairs for milk and cartoons, that little walk downstairs is one of my favourite times of the day. He smells so good, he’s all warm from getting out of bed and he snuggles into me so hard and I just want to squeeze him so much. He then sits on my lap with his milk and the majority of the time baba starts kicking away and I shut my eyes for a few seconds and smile, its honestly the best way to start the day …….. it just never lasts long enough 🙁

2. when we sit on the sofa together and I give him some options of what we can watch (normally Peter Rabbit, a little Toy Story or Wreck it Ralph) he always looks at me, tilts his head to the side and looks at me with a look that I just can’t not smile at & says ‘Peppa Pig’ – the way he says Peppa Pig melts us let alone without the big brown eyes and head tilt, I never offer Peppa but he always asks for her

3. when we went to feed the squirrels at the weekend, he was so excited, but he couldn’t quite grasp the slow and patient, instead he was kinda chasing after them which doesn’t really work. Papa eventually managed to feed one and rue helped, once all the nuts were gone, he waved at the squirrel whilst saying ‘bye bye squirrel’ and riding off independently on his bike, ready to move onto the next adventure. Papa and I just looked at each other with such full hearts because it was so special.

4. when he says ‘thank you mummy’ but when he says it without me prompting him its just the best, like I just love hearing him saying it. He is so good with his manners and I make sure he always says please at the very least.

5. when I’m taking him upstairs to get ready for bed and he kisses papa goodnight on the stairs, he’ll kiss papa and then say more, and keep repeating this until I break up the little love scene, mainly because I’m jealous he doesn’t do this to mama 🙁 so I do it to him instead just so I get allll the kisses but it’s not quite the same as when he asks 😐

6. always holding my thumb or fingers, in the morning after his milk he’ll be holding bunny’s ears and in his other hand will be one of my fingers or my thumb. If he wakes up early and decides he’s going to get into bed with us, he’ll take my hand and grab a finger and hold it until he falls back to sleep ♥

7. how quickly he learns – we watch a fair bit of Peppa Pig, I let him watch it for twenty minutes before bed (on the nights I put him to bed, papa doesn’t, brownie points for mama 😉 ) and just lately he’s been saying the title of each episode after they say it but even cleverly sometimes he knows the next sentence or word that’s coming and will say it before Peppa does!

8. when he puts his head on my tummy to listen for baby and then turns to me and say ‘mummy I hear baby’ and puts his head back again to listen more. He knows baby is there and remembers and is openly telling everyone he sees that mummy has a baby in her tummy (and also that daddy hit his boo boo finger with a hammer ;),which obviously WM didn’t)

9. when he says ‘rue rue bit scared’ or ‘cuddles’, knowone ever passes up on cuddles especially a cuddle that lasts longer than three seconds, we act all smug to each other when we get long cuddles, even if he’s lashed out at the other one we laugh and boast about the cuddles – obviously Rue can’t see us doing this 🙂

10. when I pick Rue up from nursery he’s always so so excited to see me and comes running over for hugs, he points to everyone and tells them who I am, again like he does everyday 😉 it’s so lovely!! I watch some of the parents arrive and they children aren’t really bothered & don’t run over, i’d hate that!

11. i’ve now started asking rue when we’re in the car just us two if he wants the music on and normally on the way home from nursery I ask him and he always says ‘no music mummy ‘ its very cute to hear, only once has he asked for the radio on, I don’t tend to have it on when he’s in the car because he’s non stop chatting away i’d rather listen to babs 🙂



some photos from our weekend – who says you can’t match like allll the time 😉 honestly my expectations weren’t high for the weekend sometimes trying to fill a day with stuff to do for a toddler is h-a-r-d work! but we had a lovely lovely tantrum free weekend, note to self have low expectations more often 😉


-> that little double chin ♥

Rues future top is here

My raising the future top is here



  1. Sophia Mazzotta
    February 20, 2017 / 8:46 pm

    This is so lovely Chloe! I’m going to start writing down all the wonderful things Alessio is doing ♡ so lovely to look back on xo

    • boeywmx
      February 21, 2017 / 12:49 pm

      aw thank you lovely! so sweet of you too comment 🙂 crazy how quickly time goes & i can’t remember everything so this is a lovely little way to remember those special moments ♡ hope your well beautiful xxx

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