This papa is proud as punch with his two boys, Ridley’s little face and lips in the photos oh my god ♥



its been a while since i’ve done one of these posts but I really love them as it helps you remember little bits of your life that you might forget in months or years to come, all the little things your babs does or says 🙂

  1. each night papa puts Rue to bed whilst I put Ridley to bed and when I take Rue his milk up we’ll have a kiss and he’ll turn to me and say ‘Love you mummy’ and then as I leave the room he’ll wave and blow me a kiss – it makes me so happy!
  2. My aunty brought Rue a lotto board game when Ridley was born and he absolutely loves it, as do we, and the other night we all sat on the floor and played it for an hour before bed, Ridley was asleep next to us and it was perfect.
  3. Papas been fab at taking Rue out these last few weeks whilst i’ve been recovering, sometimes they’ll take a walk to the shops and buy a Hot Wheels car (their both obsessed with these) and the moment Rue steps through the door he’s straight over to Ridley to show him his new car, he doesn’t even take his shoes off he literally runs straight to Ridley
  4. There’s a little song I think they sing at nursery that Rue sings each night before bed and will only sing it before bed which is so cute, no matter how hard we try he won’t sing it any other time
  5. When we have pretend tea partys with Rues little tea set, he loves being hostess and supplying us with drinks, biscuits or more randomly pears.
  6. Rue has been super helpful with Ridley, he helps me burp him and he’ll happily wipe any sick that Ridley has – its so lovely!
  7. The other night as I put Ridley to bed, he fell asleep next to me whilst I was drinking a peppermint tea and listening to the rain. I love listening to the rain and I also love watching your babs fall asleep when their eyes slowly drift off
  8. Rue has so many little sayings, so many but one of my favourites it ‘oh okay’ ‘oh okay’
  9. Day five of Ridley being here, papa was out gardening in the glorious weather so Ridley and I joined him, he slept on my chest, I covered him over from the sunshine and sat in the glorious weather and watched papa, it was the best the sun on my face and my boy in my arm whilst watching papa whose always in his element when he’s gardening. (rue rue was at nursery)
  10. A conversation Rue and I had the other day
Did you see Sam today?
Sam not there
Oh Sam not there
Did you see William
What about Rory
Was Carter there
Carter naughty boy
Carter naughty boy is he
No Carter my friend
Is Rue Rue a naughty boy
No Rue Rue a big boy
We took some family photos over the weekend or tried too – its bloody hard trying to take family photos in general but with a tripod it really is hit or miss if I can get the right angle or not ….

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