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Following on from my recent post around mental health (which you guys were so amazing to me about, thank you for every comment, chat & message!) I thought I’d write about what I do to try and ease life pressure so that everything doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

I mean I don’t have any great tips to share at all really but these little things contribute to my wellbeing or so I believe

1.       Is bathing alone …. Yep some of you will be like what is she on about! But twice a week I make an effort to bath alone in peace and quiet even if it’s really quick it’s still time to breath and semi relax, I also exfoliate twice a week as this makes me feel happier in my skin, then if I’m doing okay for time I’ll apply some coconut milk to finish. You might be thinking anyone can do that but trust me with two babies it’s pretty impossible to A bath and B bath alone and C in peace!

2.       Yoga – now I love yoga & meditation so so much but since I fell pregnant with Ridley I’ve put it to one side, honestly I feel so calm and at ease after a good yoga session it makes the world of difference for me, I do need to try and get back into it but right not I think it’d stress me trying to fit something else into my already hectic days.

3.       Treating yourself – it’s so easy to go without when you have kids as you always put them first, I know Gowar & I do like all the time, so you can question whether you should be treating yourself but I think it’s so important, even just a bunch of flowers from Aldi are like £2.50 and these brighten up my windowsill when I’m washing up (still currently dishwasher less 🙋)

4.       Chill time – now this one can be tricky depending on what time you finish work and your babes go to sleep and the amount of stuff you have to do when their finally asleep but I need this time and without this time I get pretty grumpy. I’m happy with an hour each night to do as I please, watch Netflix/ work on my blog/ read my book – as long as I get some time each night (most nights, Ridleys teething at the moment) I feel like I’m still a person otherwise I’m at work all day, come home have dinner, tidy up, bath and put the boys to bed, tidy up and prepare for tomorrow and then bed – you try doing that day in day out where the hell is the life for you!

5.       Ensuring where possible you have time with your friends – this really isn’t something WM have that much time for, with him working nights it’s impossible for either of us to go out & see friends. So it can be weeks even months before I get to see my friends, I’m in a better position this year with having a lot of holiday at work that I can take time off and see them then, most of my friends are currently available in the day time so that really helps! Gowar and I try and spend Wednesdays together with the boys during half term and early Saturday mornings we take the boys out.  Even just a couple of hours one weekend will give you a feeling that you have a purpose for yourself but appreciate it’s really hard to get the balance and it’s not something I have sorted and to be honest I don’t think I will for a couple of years.

6.       My last one is food shopping – stay with me – does anyone else get frustrated with the weekly meal planning, food buying, food putting away situation? It can’t just be me. Working full time means we don’t do our shopping during the week and would end up using our weekend time to do it instead which has been annoying me lately. Even though I do it all online via the Asda app and all I have to do is pick it up I’m never quick enough to get the early time slots and end up with a lunchtime pick up slot which means your day is revolving around a food shop 💁 so I’ve just reworked it and we’re going to start using my Wednesdays off to pick up the shopping and see if that changes our dynamic – something so small but knowing this big job doesn’t have to be done at a weekend will make me feel free.

7. Watching programmes that make you laugh – this is so so important to me! there’s nothing quite like a programme that makes you laugh and i only realised this the other day just how important it is too me!



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